Cadmus Wrath

What if...

A thought came unbidden to me about thirty minutes ago: What if Cadmus Pariah had a twin? As is sometimes the case with babies conceived outside "normal" methods, could it be possible that more than one embryo was produced from the Apostate's laboratory efforts? Of course, only one child was produced, so what does that mean for the other embryo? What if there were more than one extra embryo?

What kind of children would be produced from those other embryos?

What if the Apostate had the embryos spirited away and preserved by some alchemical method? What if he left instructions on what to do with them?

What would Cadmus' reaction be to discovering he had a twin or triplet, or even quintuplet? I'm partial to twin, though.

This may become a major theme in The Harming Tree.
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The thing is, though, the Apostate would have expected something like that, and separated them all before that could happen. He's a crafty bastard, that one.
That is such a good name for a rock band - Extra Embryo. Here they are, Extra Embryo with their latest hit - Psych Clone.

Your mind is a wondrous thing.