Richard Ayoade May Well Be My Spirit Animal

It all started sometime in May, I think. I was really keen on viewing The Watch, because I knew I'd love it, since it's a Ben Stiller flick.

I didn't expect a rival to Tim Roth to emerge from the night, literally.

When the fourth in the intrepid band of neighbourhood watchers arrives at Ben Stiller's house, I was both enthralled and confused. I couldn't keep my eyes from him, but I had mistaken him for Jermaine Clement, whom I do not find attractive in the least. I was all WTF?

So I did a web search, and swiftly discovered that the individual I was looking at was Richard Ayoade.

Oh dear god.

So I mentioned him on Facebook, and both morriganwind and razzle asked me if I had not seen The IT Crowd. Noooooo… I'd never even heard of it. So I brought it up on Netflix, and watched all four series in the course of about three days.

Oh dear god.

The character Ayoade plays, Maurice Moss, is me. Plus there's a Goth character, Richmond, played by Noel Fielding, that could easily be a lesser spirit animal in my menagerie of unusual totems.

So, then, I started looking Richard Ayoade up on You Tube, and watching interviews and various comedy appearances. The dude is the epitome of Hot Nerd.

razzle also got me into the podcast, Welcome to Night Vale, and now I'm all about Richard Ayoade playing either Cecil or, especially, Carlos (with his perfect, perfect hair) in a movie of the podcast.

Anyway, behold this beautiful entity. Who knew a mix of Norwegian and Nigerian blood could produce…this? I am gobsmacked and completely head over heels for this dude.

 photo tumblr_mtnowc1H6u1shqmw7o1_500.jpg

Now, this is not to say that I have turned my back on my Tim Roth obsession. Far from it. I have literally run out of Roth pictures on the web. Yes, I have seen them all. And I'm having issues with finding a program that will allow me to download You Tube videos and rip DVDs, so I can continue the Tim Roth Tutorials. That will gear up again, as soon as I sort out my problems.

In the meantime, I'll be nesting in Richard Ayoade's perfect, perfect hair, at least figuratively, and impatiently waiting for the series finale of The IT Crowd, which airs on Channel 4 tomorrow night.
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I know he's just so adorkable! He reminds me of some of my male librarian coworkers or random people I know from work or cons. :D
I have gotten more perplexed reactions over my Ayoade-Love than any celebrity crush I've ever had! I don't know why...

And it still freaks me out that confused him with Jermaine Clement. Seriously, what's up with that?
It's the hair, and the accent. It's deceiving at first. When you knew you didn't like Clement you were expecting to shrug him off, until the differences in the accent, etc., caught your attention. (I bet.)
Clement gets on my last fucking nerve, personally. He looks VERY MUCH like one of my stepbrothers - the one I don't like at all. LOL
I just LUUUV that dimple in his chin! And the gawky awkwardness of Moss in IT Crowd. I need to see The Watch, I'd forgotten about it.
Have you watched any interviews with him? That awkwardness - let's just say, it comes naturally on a certain level.