Interesting stuff. Since our bodies are made of mostly water, it only goes to reason that music will have a profound effect. Something I've always wondered - why do minor chords always sound so sad? They can grasp at the heart strings in a way that major chords just do not. I've seen some explanations but none that I really understand. I only know that moving from a major to a minor produces an immediately melancholy flavour in a piece of music.


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Minors have that effect on most people. That's one reason why most Goth music is in minor. It pretty much has to be.

You know that Tolkien wrote that the world was created with song. When I was writing the Tarmian myths, I had the same idea, and my professor, after reading it, suggested strongly that I read 'The Silmarillion.' I had only read 'The Hobbit' at that time, so I got 'The Silmarillion' and 'Lord of the Rings.' Brilliant stuff...
It's like wading through sludge, but yea, great stuff. :)

Question question as I'm making the rounds. Do you have a source for that Tesla quote? I want to dig into it some more. :)
I've no idea, but you may want to try Brainy Quotes. They have, so far, been awesome.