Hugged by an Iranian

I forgot to mention a funny thing that happened whilst I was out today.

One of the things I've learned that I love about getting taxis, is the varied nationalities I've so far had the honour of encountering. I have a "Fish Called Wanda"-level love for accents and languages, so engaging these guys in conversation is like crack for me. I have so far gotten to talk with an Indian, a Kenyan, a Pakistani, a Jamaican, a Ukrainian, a Nigerian and, today, an Iranian by the name of Abdulahi.

He came to pick me up at CVS to bring me home. As usual, I complimented him on his accent and asked him where he was originally from. He told me Iran, and that he'd been in America for almost twenty years. It was a pleasant conversation that lasted all too briefly, since the trip from CVS to the house is just over two miles.

I paid Abdulahi and exited the cab. As I was about to open the front door, though, he honked his horn at me and I turned to see him getting out of the car and rushing up to me. Taking me by the shoulders, Abdulahi turned my back to him and pulled a big sticker off my butt. Apparently one of the cab notices had come off the window and fallen in the seat. I sat down on it, and it stuck to me. So there I was, proudly displaying one of Orange Cab's policies on my tuches. He said, "I'm so sorry, you have a sticker on your a--," then caught himself. I just cackled, and thanked him, noting that I was glad I was home instead of still out in public with something like that affixed to me. I thanked him and he laughed, apologised again, and then hugged me.

I don't think there's any sort of moral to this story, except for maybe watch where you are landing your arse, but it's one of those WTF stories that you know you're gonna end up telling a disinterested orderly in the old folks home.

"Sonny, did I ever tell you about the day my butt got labeled by a taxi, and earned me a hug from an Iranian dude? Well, sit right down!"
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All the Iranians I've known were really great people. It breaks my heart that they're under such a crappy regime there. I honestly think Americans and Iranians would get along well if not for the politics.
Couldn't agree more. IMHO, everyone would get along fabulously if we banned the hallowed institutions of government and corporation.

I totally agree with you on the accent thing... a great delight in commuting in the DC area is hearing all manner of different accents (and languages)...