That's Not What I Meant...

It just occurred to me that most everything is going to be closed on Monday. This is irritating, because I had plans to call around and find a different doctor.

When I moved out here to San Diego, my insurance had to be changed, so I went with Aetna, because the plan is really good, really free, and it affords me dental. The only problem is, I have to have an in-network doctor, which was initially chosen for me by the rep, to get me started in the program.

Well, I went to that doctor week-before-last and, besides their having a huge picture of a blondish Jesus with the caption "I love you, Jesus," hanging prominently in the waiting room, the tables are littered with religious tracts, a mag called Good News, and sundry children's Bible story books.

But the clencher was the "terms of service" they had me sign, basically stating that I know they're a pro-life practice who will not give me the Morning After Pill, even in cases of rape. I have to go to the E/R for such hellish behaviour. I signed it, because I really needed to see the doctor, since some of my old prescriptions were running out, and I knew I would need to get referrals to specialists who prescribe me some of these.

The doctor would not write any prescriptions, like my seizure medicine and anti-depressant (Wellbutrin), saying that she'd get back with me "right away" on those referrals, so I wouldn't run out. I haven't heard from this doctor yet and guess what? I've run out of my seizure medicine.

I have no reason to stick with this asshole or her fake colleagues. Just because I'm a female does not mean I should be denied any kind of healthcare I need (or WANT).

When I said I was looking forward to meeting as many freaks in California as possible, I did not mean Jesus freaks. Although that's not really fair to Jesus, who would be hanging out with all the freaks if he were here today…and lynched by his so-called worshippers because of it.

But no… This doctor can suck it. Don't tell me she doesn't. They all do, especially the supposedly virtuous ones.

Guess I'll have to wait 'til Tuesday.

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By all means, come Tuesday, let these anti-fuckers know the error of their ways!
I hate doctors who are control-freaks. You have the right to choose another doctor. good job, and good luck.
Half of all doctors graduate in the bottom of their class. Never forget it. Don't hesitate to find a different one or get a second opinion.
MAJOR HUGS - this health care system SUCKS. I honestly didn't realize HOW BAD until I got thrown into it without insurance.

Major hugs and hope things work out.
What is it lately with doctors letting prescriptions run out, for things that should not lapse? That's three in a month, in two countries/health systems. What happened to "Do no harm"? Ours are both sorted now, I really hope that yours will be soon.