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The Veils

Over the last weekend, I was contacted by voidmonster about an upcoming Veils concert in Los Angeles. We made arrangements, and set the date ~ he, his wife, and I were going to see the band on 8 August at the Troubadour. I wrote Vivienne to let her know I was finally gonna get to see her son in concert, and that I'd let her know how the performance went. She wrote me back to let me know that Finn would be expecting us there.

voidmonster and the missus came and picked me up a little before 4 PM, and we headed straight away to Los Angeles. It's about a couple hours' drive, and I wasn't sure how the Troubadour handled their "will call" guests, so we opted to get there a little early just in case.

After waiting for a while, we were able to go in and find a comfy spot for the show.

The opening act was pretty good, shows some promise, but I feel they have a long way to go to get to where they have the potential to be. Their set was short, and soon came Finn, Sophia, et al. I meant to make a list of the songs they performed, but I'd left my pen at the house, so shame on me. Suffice to say, the setlist was most excellent, and included two of my favourites by the band, 'Lavinia' and 'Jesus for the Jugular.'

Their performance was flawless, and bled energy and passion. You can tell they all care very much about the music that they're making. I was pleasantly surprised by the horn section in the band now. The only other band, I feel, that could make a logical and creatively wise choice of horns, was Oingo Boingo. So Finn's in some seriously groovy company there, IMHO.

Here's some photos and a movie I shot from the concert last night.

 photo IMG_1704.jpg
 photo IMG_1699.jpg
 photo IMG_1693.jpg
 photo IMG_1689.jpg
 photo IMG_1682.jpg

After the concert, Zak, Sharon, and I said hi to Finn. I passed the message of "hi" from his parents to him, too. He's a truly sweet fellow. Mum and Dad really could not have done any better than they did. He's a rare talent and good soul. I told him that he was doing very well, and congratulated him on his success to date. I hope he and the band continue to enjoy increased popularity, and the chance to make music for as long as they wish.

voidmonster and Sharon brought me back to the domicile this morning. Hopefully, we'll be able to get together again and do something almost as awesome as seeing the Veils perform. ;)
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To me, there are few things more pleasurable than a night of great live music. ;)

Hope you get to do this type of thing more often.
It can be bizarre, too. voidmonster and I were like second gen fans who know by heart a lullaby written for dude, who just happens to turn 30 next month. Where do the years go?
Oh, he is indeed, and such a performer. So glad you finally got to see him. And yes, he is a sweetie. Welcome to the big wide world of being able to do things, instead of being stuck in a cultural big black hole. We'll get janalyson there as well, one of these days (to a place of her choice). Great sound on your vid, I'm amazed!
This is an excellent camera. For $70+, it has yet to disappoint me in any way, shape, or form.
The apple does not fall far from the tree, I see. And the Troubadour? THE Troubadour. The mind is boggled at the parade of talent that has graced that stage in the past. I'm glad you're having some fun and getting out. LA, no less.

What kind of camera do you have?

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A Canon Powershot. Yeah, I was impressed with the number of press photos of bands that have played there, that line the walls.