Black Tourmaline Chakra Pendant

Since the loss of my Triskele and pentagram pendants in the E/R in December of last year, I'm once again wearing a piece of magickal jewelry. Here's what it looks like.

 photo IMG_1638.jpg

The main pendant is black tourmaline, with the seven chakra stones inlaid up the front.

Black tourmaline is a grounding stone, and it can purify as well as protect the wearer from negative energy. It is also very healing, which is certainly one thing I always use.

The chakras, from the root up, are garnet, orange calcite, citrine, jade, angelite, sodalite, and amethyst ~ to the best of my knowledge.

We'll see if this magick feather will aid Ms. Dumbo to proceed with hitch-hiking down the Beauty Way once again.
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Wow ... so pretty and full of good vibes. I have a chakra pendant as well. It's silver and shaped in a circle, sort of like a mandala. Your new amulet is magickal and beautiful - a testament to your fresh start on the left coast. Peace.
I just saw this. So glad you are again wearing and connecting to your higher self. This makes me joyful.
Blessed Be

Looks nice. It sounds like it will do you a lot of good.