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New Doctor

The doctor I chose for my PCP is one Dr. Krisberg. He's an older gent and he has the personality of a wet noodle. But he listened to everything I had to say regarding my health issues, and offered up referral suggestions, as well as some procedures I needed to go by in order to go forward with my getting my knee looked after, as well as maintaining neurological care.

He also wrote out all my prescriptions, whether I needed refills on some of them right now or not, so he was quite proactive in all those arenas.

I am well-pleased with him, and I think he's going to work out fine. I'll need to go back to him in a couple of months, at which time I will discuss getting a pap-smear and a mammogram. I have had neither in years and, since I have fibrocystic breast disease, not to mention the one irregular pap I got about a decade ago, I think it may be wise if I pursue an avenue of preventative care.

After the doctor office visit, the Mother Unit and I grabbed a bit, then went to the drug store so I could get my Wellbutrin.

We're in for the evening, soaking up some Defiance and babysitting the beasties. Smidgen has begun to show an interest in Buster. I don't think she would hurt him, or any of the birds, but it's better to err on the side of safety, so I'm keeping an eye on her. I'd never forgive myself if my baby ended up harming the Mother Unit's baby. That would just be...awkward.

Okay, that's it for now. I'm eating some leftover mac'n'cheese, and enjoying the rest of Defiance with the Unit. We may turn in a little early tonight, since neither of us really slept worth one single fuck last night.

There's a possibility we'll be taking Toblerone to a beach-side dog park tomorrow, so we both need our beauty sleep for when we end up on the local news on account of Toby's bad behaviour fucking up the neighbourhood.
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Proactive, listens to you, makes intelligent suggestions... sounds like a keeper, wet noodle or no.
Are you going to OB's DOg Beach?? :) It's so pretty there and has tons of puppers to play with. I love watching them all play together or go swimming. And if you look across, that jetty that you see, with the rocks. That is where I go when running/walking. It's part of a trail that runs for miles on both sides of the river. Have fun! The sun is finally starting to peek out down here, the marine layer is burning off. Should be a gorgeous day to hit the dog beach. :)
Ok. If it isn't then next time you need to try out dog beach. There's all kind of room for them to run, and at least 40-50 dogs there most days, more on weekends. Have fun wherever it is!

ETA - Yay, no captcha that time. :P

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