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Busy Day

I had so much to do today, it wasn't even remotely funny.

The first thing on the list was to get a bus pass, which I got after a long wait. What's so distressful about this is, I chose to wear makeup today, and I opted for a tighter tee-shirt to help hold my pants up. The tee has the caption "when I snap, you'll be the first to go." That, along with my typical Goth-style makeup, made for a particularly amusing and scary bus pass picture, that may or may not prevent my passage onto public transport. The driver might think I'm ready to go postal and hack his passengers into a hamburger, and refuse my boarding.

 photo IMG_1613.jpg

We had to go downtown for me to get the bus pass, so I took some pictures of all that.

 photo IMG_1606.jpg
 photo IMG_1608.jpg
 photo IMG_1609.jpg
 photo IMG_1610.jpg
 photo IMG_1611.jpg

We then went to a Mexican restaurant called El Indio. Mama got something, but I can't remember the name of it, and I got a Veggie Enchilada. I still don't trust Mexican food out here, after the Chili Relleno debacle from a few years ago. West Coast rellenos are radically and nauseatingly different from East Coast rellenos. Being an East Coaster, I'm treading on eggs with West Coast Mexican cuisine. But this time, I was very pleasantly surprised. The Veggie Enchilada was one of the tastiest things I've had in a long time. I also ordered us each a fruit burrito. OH DEAR GOD. It's like a Mexican fried pie, a flour tortilla stuffed full of cherry pie filling, fried, and bathed in cinnamon and sugar. It was fucking heaven. We both had some sort of drink, but I can't remember the name of that either. It was a cinnamon-based drink, though, very milky and cold. The Mother Unit said that she was once addicted to this beverage. Now she has me hooked. Gads.

Here's a pic of the Unit whilst we waited on our food.

 photo IMG_1614.jpg

After eating, we moved on to Costco, where I got a backpack for my transit travels. It's a heavy-duty one, fit for taking my computer and other electronic items with me. I'm replacing my purse with it. Also got litter, Smart Water (I can't drink the Unit's Arrowhead water, as it tastes like ass, just like the tap water), orange juice, socks, and Absolut. The Unit and I are going to enjoy some screwdrivers for the horribleday tomorrow. I also got Mama a big case of her Arrowhead water.

We then went to a pet shop so I could get a scratch pad and toy for Smidgen, some treats and food for Toby, and some Advantage for both of them. I also trotted up to the grocery store for some mozzarella cheese and spaghetti sauce, a laundry basket, and a magic marker.

The Unit needed to run by the drug store for a prescription, and I went in for some makeup, as most of mine melted en route from SC to CA. This probably happened in Arizona... Here's another scary pic of yours truly.

 photo IMG_1619.jpg

And here are a couple more pictures of the Mission Valley area.

 photo IMG_1617.jpg
 photo IMG_1616.jpg

Finally, here's a single picture of the neighbourhood I live in now. What did I tell you ~ it looks like the ET: The Extraterrestrial 'hood, doesn't it?

 photo IMG_1603.jpg

So that was a huge chunk of the day. I still have to get a California ID, but that can wait 'til Friday or one day next week. For today, I'm pooped.
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Thank you for sharing the pictures!'re in a whole different universe, eh?

Man, I'm so thankful for the Unit getting you the Hell outta Dodge. I think if I ever meet her, I shall have to smooch her and hug her and call her George.

San Diego, eh? that right?
I have friends in San Diego! One is an actor, and one is a burner...they don't know one another, but they are both many shades of awesome. The actor has a super-keen-seeming wife/girlfriend...I forget which. The burner spins fire, is an artist, and is into all kinds of cool stuff.

They are both pretty splendiferously liberal.
Yeah, Repubs are a bit thin on the ground here, which makes the place seem like fucking Candyland. Your friends sound awesome!
Living in Kansas, it is even odds whether I will receive the East or West style of chile rellenos. I don't order them anymore because I don't like the risk. One is cheesy awesomeness and the other is an eggy monstrosity. I don't know which is which as far as East or West style.

I believe the beverage was horchata. I think it tastes a bit like home-made ice cream. Delightful!

Edited at 2013-07-04 02:48 am (UTC)
That's the beverage! And the cheesy awesomeness (kind of like a mini-Pizza the Hutt on your plate) is the East Coast. The one where you get a giant chile wrapped in fried dough is West Coast. Everyone here says that's proper Mexican. I'll take the fake, thanks.
el indios! WOOHOO!

best mexican food ever. my grandparents were lining up to eat it when i was 5 and it was a freaking tortilleria and the lines even then were around the block. it had no indoor seating. and the apple fruita! OMG!
my fav was the shreded beef taquitoes. forever.
They do still have the shrdded beef! Seems they've dropped the "s" though. Tasty fucking food.
The driver might think I'm ready to go postal and hack his passengers into a hamburger

I don't know why anyone would think that. ;-)
I do adore your bus pass. If I were a bus driver, I'd give you extra passes or something just because of the coolness of the photo.
Hahaha that pic on your Compass card is awesome!

Is all kinds of nifty seeing your photos and being like.. "I've been there!". :)
Yeah, but I moved 3 years ago. From El Cajon to the Point Loma area. And after going to see my niece (who is in east county) last week, where it was 102, then coming home to 78, I have zero regrets about the move. :P

You starting to feel settled in?

*wonders how many tries it will take to get the captcha right this time* *grin*
You DO know that ET exterior scenes were filmed right here in the Valley, right?
Oh, Tin, that photo! I like the second photo though. Great to see photos of where you are.