More of the Cadmus/Orphaeus Story I'm Playing with

"So is that why I'm here? You've decided to dispatch me?"

"No," Cadmus Pariah whispered. "I summoned you because tonight marks five years since we retrieved the Blood Crown."

"You mean to tell me that you are celebrating an anniversary?"

"Do I look like a celebrant, Swan? No. I wanted to see if you could summon up the ancient memories on this night. I need to feel connected to that part of me, and I do not know why. Perhaps the memory you summon may shed light upon this mystery, so I might find some peace."

"I could only tap into those memories when I drank Kelat's Blood from the chalice, Cadmus. Both of them are gone. I don't see how you think I can help now."

Cadmus returned his gaze to the heavens hanging over Dubai. The swirls and collisions of the cosmos sang to him, and he wondered if perhaps Vincent van Gogh had possessed some of the Tarmian blood, for his Starry Night was the closest a human had ever come to realising the truth of the night sky. Pieces of broken poetry filled his endless mind, inspired by what he beheld above him. Eventually, they may show up as songs, a voice in the night reaching out to souls who felt most at home when the sun hid on the other side of the world.

“Have you not thought that my Blood may work, Orphaeus? I am her child, after all. It would be worth trying, in my opinion. And I am willing to share my sacred elixir with you, in the hope that you can tap into those ancient memories.”

Orphaeus was flabbergasted. “You want me to drink your Blood? Your Blood…”

“You would be only one of two Darklings to do so, and I feel compelled to do this thing, so much so that whatever gifts you receive by drinking from me would be worth the surrender of my normal control.”

Silence grew between them, as Orphaeus tried to make sense of a situation that bordered on insanity. In the normal world he was used to, Orphaeus would never have been given the offer of Cadmus’ Blood. To Orphaeus’ knowledge, the Plenipotentiary had never engaged in a full Ambrosciata, taking the Blood he wanted just before the orgasmic exchange, and killing the Vampire unfortunate enough to trust him to the point of opening up to such an experience.

“Will you do it, Swan?” Cadmus whispered, his voice cutting into the night sky above them like a scimitar. “Will you help me on this, our anniversary?”

Orphaeus weighed his options, then asked, “We won’t be engaging in Ambrosciata, will we? Because I do not trust you enough to engage in that.”

“No. No, Orphaeus. I could not bear to think of being intimate with you. I am unsure what our relationship truly is but, to be brutally honest with you, I despised you from the moment we met, and I despise you now."

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