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The Mother Unit and I seem to have similar taste in a lot of TV shows.  Right now, we're watching this doco called 'Ancient Torture Tech.'  We are total freaks.

Ironically, I watching it whilst lying here in my own torture device - a knee immobiliser.  Oh yes, I finally had to give in and go to urgent care about my knee.  They pulled fluid off it and send me home in this brace.

(direct link is

Toby is truly pissed off at me right now, because I haven't taken him on multiple walks.  And I'm not supposed to for the next few days, so he's gonna be well-acquainted with the backyard before all this is over.  Sheesh...

Now they're talking about The Tunica Molesta. I tell you, that Nero was a wicked, wicked man. But he was damned sexy when Anthony Andrews played him in the 80s mini-series A.D.. Oh, yusss.

All kidding and lusting aside, though, this show is pretty horrid. How a species can use its intelligence to create things like the Tunica Molesta and the Pear of Anguish, is beyond me. Yet another reason why we deserve extinction.

We were a very bad idea.
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yes yes yes!
When I first saw him in Brideshead Revisited, I thought I was gonna die right there and then. I actually named one of my cats after Sebastian's teddy bear, Aloysius. ;)

If you haven't seen his Scarlet Pimpernel, you really need to. Foppish fabuliciousness!
That thing on your leg looks like less than fun. Oh, and I think we have the same pair of Birkies.

Hope your knee is feeling better and bendable, soon.

While you're laid up, here's a movie recommendation for you and the mom unit. It's called "The Magdalene Sisters" from 2002. Based on true stories. Ireland, 1964, a story of young women sent to a workhouse (yes, in 1964) run by the Catholic church. You can watch it for free on youtube, in HD. If you can hook your laptop up to an HD TV, voila!

First part of 10, begins here: