Cliffs of Insanity


I should be getting my camera charger in the next day or so. When I do, I'll be taking photos of my new Steven Spielberg neighborhood during my walks out with Toblerone.

Today, I got the cooking bug, and have made a beef stew, with top round roast, new potatoes (white and red), carrots, onions, and garlic. It's smelling good, if I do say so myself. This is the first stew I've ever made, so I'm hoping it turns out well, seeing as how this is only the second thing I've ever cooked for the Mother Unit, and she's used to Matt's cooking. Matt is professionally trained. There's no way I can out-do him, but I'm hoping I can at least keep the Unit happy in the culinary department whilst he's away with family in Portland.

My right knee has just about had it. I'm going to have to get to a doctor soon before I scream and die. This is not dramatics, it's just plain fact. I have a large pocket of fluid right on the front of the knee, below the patella. It hurts like all Sith Hell, and walking Toby every couple of hours in a hilly environment is not helping my severe state of disability.

Apparently LJ has a new feature that ranks your journal in, I suppose, popularity. This is what I got:

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-26at33829PM.png

I'm not really certain I agree with that, considering I've been more AWOL than not these past couple of years. Surely, I'd be further down on the totem pole. That's okay, though; I'll take it. Hopefully, my ranking will climb now that I'm trying to be more active here again. We'll see.

If you're curious about what your ranking is, just go to the LJ home page, and it should be right there near the top. Of course, you have to be logged in for it to show.

Must go stir the stew again. It's almost ready to be devoured, hopefully with enthusiasm. Gordon Ramsay, eat your heart out!
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I'm not sure I like this snazzy new LiveJournal home page - it's all very flashy and stuff, but seems a bit invasive to me
They're tryting to be more like Facebook, I think, which isn't necessarily a good thing, if you get me.