One Step Closer


So, the room has been cleaned out, and all my boxes have been relocated in there. It's just a matter of getting my bed out of storage and starting the process of unpacking and organizing, and we'll be well on our way to seriously settling in.

I hate stuff like this, though, so it's gonna take me a while, because I'm a procrastinator about things I enjoy. Needless to say, Procrastinator is going to be my super-hero name in this endeavour.

It's just a matter of making things my own, which is gonna be a feat, 'cos I'm OCD, especially about things that aren't mine to begin with. I'm not the neatest person in the world, but I'm particular about my germs. If they're my germs, then fine. If not, then it's gonna take me a while to convert them. That's not to say Matt and the Mother Unit are germy; they just aren't my germy ~ not yet.

That makes me sound like a terrible person.
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YAY for having your own space! I *have* to have a place to retreat to...being my equal-opportunity-misanthropist self.

all this talk of your germs and germ-conversion makes me picture you like, licking things and rubbing up against people.
omg, I so understand! I sometimes think the CDC is gonna' shut down my apt., but if I stay at my brother's, I'm running around with the Comet and Lysol! (okay, I exaggerate; I'm nothing like the show "Hoarders.")
Matt is a bit of a hoarder; thus, the delay in getting my room ready. And it's not very conducive for someone who obsesses about other people's stuff, when she should be looking at her own back yard. HAHAHA! ::hands you some Comet::
I'm quite familiar with the "my germs" versus "strange germs" in a new place. The truth is I'm not really comfortable around anyone until I get familiar with them--even germs.