Walkin' the Dawg and other Californian Updates

Even though there's a fenced in back yard here, that Toby relaxes in all day, I find myself compelled to walk him through the neighbourhood. Believe it or not, the hill back in the Armpit wasn't very conducive to walking, mainly because it had no sidewalks, and the road edges were uneven and pretty damned dangerous for anyone with knee issues.

So now I have a walking area, and lots of it, and Toby loves walking. Even though some people seem to alarm him, he's invariably always friendly with those he encounters, and he's just soaking up all the love.

I've actually walked so much, so far, that I've walked a godawful blister on the ball of my right foot. It hurts, but I've padded it nicely and I'm keeping on with the walking, despite the wonky knee on top of all that. If I keep this up, with the dinky amount of food I'm taking in, I'm going to be a freakin' bone by January. A muscular bone. With no knees. And callouses.

But it feels good to be able to walk, and to have a place to walk, and to have a dog that loves doing it. This neighbourhood reminds me of the quintessential Steven Spielberg movie 'hood. I expect a herd of kids on bikes with ET to round the corner when I'm out walking. It's all just so...Californian.

The Mother Unit has been gone for the majority of the day, off swimming I'm assuming with Jeanne, so I've spent the day chit-chatting with Matt, who seems to be a diehard conspiracy theorist. I do appreciate that! After a day of conspiracy, the Unit topped it off by coming home holding a gigantic cherry Slurpee, all for me. That was pretty damned spiffy of her.

Matt has built Toby a dog house. It's gorgeous. I think he was expecting the Tobes to stay out at night, too, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon, if I can help it. Once my room is set up, he'll definitely be in with me at night. Right now, though, the poor pooch is still too traumatised to be separate from me 24/7, so he's going to be in with me at least at night. I explained to Matt that Toby is a problem child who just went through a seriously horrid experience getting across country. So I think we have that settled for now. And it'll all be good, once the room is ready.

Anyway, when I haven't been walking, I've been zoned out in a like this half-sleep state. I called it Road Lag over on Facebook. I'm sure, once I've gotten used to the difference in time, I'll be back to my old insomniac self. Oh joy.

But I'm not complaining, not even about the inevitable insomnia. I'm just glad to have some company. I'm glad to have noise around me that isn't produced by me. I'm glad to not be haunted.

I haven't had a moment of homesickness. But you have to have had a feeling of home in order to experience homesickness, but I've essentially been homeless for two years, so the transition has been seamless. Hopefully, I'll have my room ready this week, and can stop feeling like a barnacle on the household's arse. I am not fond of being in the way and, even though the Mother Unit says that's not the case, I can't help but feel like a bit of a transient, sacked out on the living room floor with my cat in a pen next to me, and my dog hiding underneath the covers.

If I heard correctly, Matt is making pasta for supper. That sounds munchalicious. He is an excellent chef.
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I've been on that weight-loss thing too. This time in a good way instead of from stress and stomach-problems. I decided I'm going to get a good bike and try bicycling once the weather gets cooler (September-October-ish in the Nuclear Hell of Texas). I'm hoping to be a bone eventually too...and I won't have any knees either! At least we won't have bony knees? That's as close to optimism as I get. :P
LOL! We could always form a girl group called Bony Knees. Something tells me we'd be a sensation.
How lovely! I can't wait to see pics of your new quarters and the surrounding area!
The camera battery finally went dead, but I should be able to get it charged some time this week. Hopefully by then, the room will be ready, and I'll give you all manner of scandalous photies.
Thanks, sweet pea. (I'd rather be settling in England, but you know... we'd make good neighbours, methinks)
Great to hear that things are continuing to work out. I really do think you made the right decision.
<3 Hoping so, dude. I must admit, I do miss my East Coast. Too much of a Pilgrim I guess. ;) ::hugs::
It is difficult feeling like a "visitor" but soon you'll just be part of the family (well, duh, you ARE family)- as will Toby. It's bonding time, that's all. Matt sounds like an interesting guy. The dog house was probably an effort to make you feel welcome. And he cooks too? The plot thickens ... along with the pasta sauce. Just kidding. Can't resist.
hahaaha! Yeah, I've met my match as far as conspiracy theorists go. I told the Unit that he makes me look like a downright conformist. Sure you can't vacate out here come August? Hm? Hm??