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Arizona Heat

So we're still at Doug's. It was decided to wait until the sun started to go down and things began to cool off to a more bearable... 100 degrees or so.

I took this picture quite a few hours ago. Can we say Holy Mother of god, boys and girls? Jesus-fucking-Christ!

 photo IMG_1561.jpg

I just got out of the shower. I took a cold one. It was the perfect temperature, since I love really hot showers.

I am not joking.
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So if it's that hot in arizona, and the aliens allegedly brought super high quality aluminium foil, does that mean it stands to reason that the baked potato effect caused the roswell crash?
By the gods! That is unbelievable! I'd die just looking at the temp.!
What was so strange is, it wasn't as uncomfortable as 90 degrees in SC, with its high humidity. You're roasting alive, but you don't really feel it until someone is slicing you open for butter and sour cream.