The JUJU GRID Has Gone Live!

So Barry finished the video for the ANAXATON6 song "JuJu Grid (Go Live)." This isn't even the best of the songs B and Mike Tournier have so far recorded for the EP, at least not in my opinion. I'm hoping he does a movie for "Bone Marauder." Anyway, here's the video for the first ANAXATON6 release. It's funky and full of life! Please to pass it on to everyone you know, especially folks who dig Shriekback and Fluke.

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I was wondering ... do you have a reddit account? You know at If not, you should get one and you could start posting this type of thing over there to see if it might get some interest. The demographics is a little young for this on reddit but there are still some 40 somethings that might remember their previous allegiance to the Shrieks and have a listen. Just an idea since it is such a large audience.

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I do have a Reddit account, but I've never done anything with it! This is a good idea! I will look into it ASAP!

Hope funky is a good thing. B is always striving for the Funk, so I think he really accomplished his mission with the ANAXATON6 songs. Can't wait for the EP to come out.
Funky is very good. There are so many layers to their sound that it keeps the ear interested. The only criticism I might have for this one is that it's a bit too long. I would cut it down to a smaller bite. Better to end too soon so the listener wants to hit "replay" than tire the ears by the end. Other than that, it's yummy.
I think you'll love the rest of the EP, then. I've heard four of what I think are 6 songs, and they're all amazing.
I'm all over this, I just need the EP to come out somewhere that I can buy it.
Re: When?
He's diligently working on it. As soon as I get more information I can share with folks, this and Facebook will be the first places alerted! Last I heard, Barry is creating a new video for another one of the songs, so hopefully soon, that'll be out and about!