El Move 6

17 June, 2013 Arizona City, Arizona

Tonight we’re staying at one of Jeanne’s friend’s house here in Arizona City. He’s being a host with the most, and is being really cool about the animals. His network connection is free here in the subdivision he lives it, but it’s spotty at best, so I expect it may end up being a very long night.

We actually didn’t travel very far, primarily because the Mother Unit wanted to take a detour and visit Tombstone, Arizona. That took up a good part of the early afternoon.

Thankfully, my camera battery has held up and allowed me to take a load of pics, which will be the body of this entry. I may write more later.

First we came upon some massive hills/mini-mountains and giant rock formations. Seeing this part of the country made the Cadmus Pariah bio chapter, ‘Sui Generis,’ as it takes place in the Arizona portion of the Mojave Desert. Here are the pics I got of them.

 photo IMG_1523.jpg
 photo IMG_1524.jpg
 photo IMG_1526.jpg
 photo IMG_1527.jpg

We then detoured to Boothill Cemetery (and Jewish Memorial! But I never saw a thing Jewish, come to think of it…)

 photo IMG_1529.jpg

 photo IMG_1531.jpg
 photo IMG_1532.jpg

HA! Finally some equal time!
 photo IMG_1533.jpg

 photo IMG_1534.jpg

I want this t-shirt.
 photo IMG_1535.jpg

And I’m seriously digging on all the reptilian imagery I’m seeing out here.
 photo IMG_1536.jpg
 photo IMG_1537.jpg

 photo IMG_1538.jpg

I have an icon of that.
 photo IMG_1539.jpg

And here’s Tombstone proper.
 photo IMG_1540.jpg
 photo IMG_1541.jpg

Some cowboy actors
 photo IMG_1542.jpg

Something I’m dead set against, but the horses were too beautiful not to photograph.
 photo IMG_1543.jpg

Big Nose Kate seems like a chick I would have grokked.
 photo IMG_1544.jpg

I never thought I’d actually be looking at this.
 photo IMG_1546.jpg

 photo IMG_1548.jpg

I think I love the people in Tombstone. This so applies to the current situation.
 photo IMG_1549.jpg

Of course, you know I’d find the town bad guy and follow him about like the villain groupie that I am.
 photo IMG_1550.jpg

A couple of shots of the Birdcage Theatre.
 photo IMG_1551.jpg
 photo IMG_1552.jpg

Obviously the coolest road in Arizona.
 photo IMG_1555.jpg

Picacho Peak. No, not Pikachu. Get your head out of Japan’s arse.
 photo IMG_1556.jpg
 photo IMG_1558.jpg

Meanwhile, somewhere…in Arizona…
 photo IMG_1560.jpg
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OK Coral and the Bird Cage Theatre are haunted!
Try to find the episode of Ghost Hunters when they went there. It was a good episode. (This is Jan Harrill)
Re: OK Coral and the Bird Cage Theatre are haunted!
I heard that, and the Birdcage actually offers haunted tours, so go figure!
you are just about there. Glad you got those cool shots of Tombstone. WooHoo....Glad the friend is okay with the critters. Breathe....aaaahhhh dry air.
I'm trying. Never been hugged in comfort by a stranger like that. And he's had Toby on his lap ever since the incident.
Ok I think I am caught up now. Back from the in-laws and able to read up on your adventures. Although I had forgotten my LJ password *gigglesnort* I think I might kill Jeanne for you. Nuff said. Not wanting to ruffle your feathers.

Was I not right? Is not the desert awesome? I so want to go back to New Mexico. I am kinda disappointed that y'all didn't go out I-40. I think you would have loved the expansiveness of it.

Thanks also for the update on Cadmus et. al., I have to admit Orpheus is a favorite of mine too. And you know I disliked vampire books until I read yours. Wonder what kind of vampire I would be?

Ok I is done.

ooooohhhhhh, the town bad guy. How'd you know he was the baddest guy there? Hmmm? The black hat? Did he litter? Just wondering. And you and I are too much alike. I would have been following him around too. I'm so glad you're having some fun and that you and your critters feel welcomed by that wonderful host. There are good people in the world. (Even though we both prefer the villains).
Just the strut in the all-black clothes, the black hat, the black duster. He screamed archetypal Western bad guy. If we ever get to meet, we totally need to go stalking villains.