El Move 5

16 June, 2013 12:15 PM Mountain Time

It’s currently 98 degrees in Clint, Texas. The heat is oppressive to say the least. It’s definitely a different kind of heat than what you have in South Carolina. In SC, you’re boiling in your own juices. In West Texas, you’re baking alive, like a desert potato. I don’t know if there is such a thing as a desert potato, but there is now. I’m a desert potato.

Ironically, potatoes are really the only thing that I’m able to partially keep on my stomach, so I’m holding true to my Celtic roots, it would seem. The Pilot station from a ways back had potato wedges and raspberry tea. Both have been severely tasty. Of course, it’s not like an ice cold Slurpee in my hot hands, but beggars can’t be choosers, and I’m most definitely a beggar on this journey. Honestly, I’m only one step up from jumping a train with my fellow hobos. My only fears are trains (of course) and that I’d probably end up sharing a car with the shoo-fly-shoo hobo from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

I already owe the Mother Unit so much money, it’s just not even funny. It was never funny, but now it’s just grim. I’ve already figured that I won’t be able to get a TV until August, if then. Right now, my phone charger is my primary concern. It seems to have stopped working completely, which means my connection to the Internet will be limited to the evenings at hotels until we make it to San Diego. I’m not sure if I can just get a charger or if I’ll have to get a new phone, but it will have to be addressed first thing come July.

I just had my first bowl of menudo. Silly me, I thought it was just a boy band. But apparently it’s also a pork stomach and hominy soup. Pretty tasty, sans the actual pork stomach. And what self-respecting boy band calls themselves Pork Stomach? Really, Menudo, WTF?

And we just passed a lawn and garden place that has for sale life-size cowboy statues and six-foot roosters. Dammit, I would really love to have a gigantic rooster in my room in San Diego. Why? Why not, dammit?

2:00 PM

We’re heading down I-10, west toward Tucson, Arizona. I have nothing against Texas, except for the Bush family, but it’ll be nice to finally see a different state. Texas is just… too big. I can see where they have the mindset of a totally separate country, but I honestly haven’t seen enough people to be able to comprise a sovereign nation. Then again, Vatican City is a nation unto itself, so I guess Texas could be as well, even though it only has like 17 natives. Where the fuck are all the people, Texan friends? Do you hide in desert cubby holes? In oil wells? Where are you, already?!

“People Get Ready” by Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart just came on iTunes. Oh, how I dearly love this song. It was always such an inspiration to me, and became aligned with my Tarmi, though I have no idea why, or how that even happened. The video was also deeply beautiful. Even though it featured trains way more than I am comfortable with, it is still a glorious video. Why can’t music videos like this be made today? What’s wrong with videos that tell or story or have a cinematic flare to them? I don’t see why such videos are so reviled by so many. It makes no sense.

During the time I was writing this, we somehow wondered into Mexico. We’re now at a checkpoint. How the hell did this happen? I’ll have to ask the Mother Unit later. I’m just assuming that I-10 meanders into Mexico, and then meanders back into America. I’ve never been to Mexico. I feel no differently than I did twenty minutes ago. Now…if I could just figure out how to meander into Canada, and not meander back. Dream come true, right there, man!

2:30 PM

We’re nearing Silver City, New Mexico. Sadly, I won’t get to visit Roswell, but I’ll be a lot closer to the Alien Mecca than I ever have been, so may I’ll have a chance in the future to visit. I’d love to visit there and go loiter outside Area 51 in Nevada. It’d be nice to become part of a UFO investigation group that takes trips to the points of interest, and gives the members a chance to film some actual UFOs that may be floating about up there at any given time.

The Mother Unit and Jeanne have just introduced me to the Terran glory that are dust devils. I got some photos, all to the fantastic soundtrack of The Prodigy’s Fat of the Land. Dust devils and The Prodigy go very well together!

4:00 PM

We’re in the middle of the desert and being rained on for the first time since we set out on this journey from the East. I find this highly ironic and poetic.

5:45 PM

We’re in Willcox, Arizona, at another Motel 6. Have some pictures!

An interesting mountain formation somewhere in Texas.

 photo IMG_1505.jpg

Dust devils!
 photo IMG_1507.jpg

 photo IMG_1508.jpg

 photo IMG_1509.jpg

 photo IMG_1512.jpg

Lovely mountains in Arizona.

 photo IMG_1513.jpg

 photo IMG_1515.jpg

Arizona flag at a rest stop.

 photo IMG_1516.jpg

Info signs at the same rest stop.

 photo IMG_1517.jpg
 photo IMG_1518.jpg
 photo IMG_1519.jpg
 photo IMG_1520.jpg

What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

 photo IMG_1521.jpg
Texans don't generally populate the Panhandle and west. Most of us are on the coast or along the I35 highway. That's Dallas down to San Antonio right there.
OMG DID YOU SAY MOTEL 6 in Wilcox, Arizona?!?? I stayed at that very Motel 6 back in... 1996? 1997? One of those years. That's when I went to the big gem show in Tucson.
All us Texans are hiding a little further south, around Austin (which I think you'd love), San Antonio and Houston. Texas IS huge, and all it's areas are so diverse, it feels like going through another country...or several. :P Once you make it all the way across you feel like years have gone by! Enjoying your trip pics thus far!
Why are your replies being screened? GAAAAH! Glad you like the pics. More to come tomorrow, if my battery holds up!
Saw the pic of the sign announcing poisonous insects and snakes and my feet came right up off the floor. We Canucks are big babies about things like that. We have some poisonous snakes much further north but the ordinary Canadian doesn't have to see signs like that. I hope your pet walks are scorpion/rattler free *fans self*.

I can't get my head around heat like you're experiencing there. Desert potato. At least apply a little sour cream to cool off.

Loving the travelogue by the way. Can't wait to see the pics from San Diego and your new digs.
Desert potato? Is that anything like a Desert Peach?

Phone charger should be cheap. They're all the same, and everybody who's had more than one phone has more than one charger.

Speaking of which, didn't you say something about forgetting your camera charger at home? Does your camera happen to have a USB port that matches the phone charger? Some cameras can be charged that way.

Where the fuck are all the people
Air conditioning?

Mexico? Wrong turn in El Paso?

Cool dust devils!
I can see the desert potato and desert peach being kissin' cousins. :)

My camera USB cord has been lost for ages, so that's not an option for me, alas. :(

Glad you liked the dust devils pictures. I want to go out to the desert and get all up in a dust devil's grill. Jeanne said it would feel like being sandblasted, but I contend it would be Mother Nature's way of exfoliating you. It could very well be quite invigorating!
The USB cords are pretty standard. And not too expensive. And if the camera takes the same size as the phone (probably unlikely), it could do double duty.
Nah, I know that they take different cords. I do have Aunt Janice looking for the battery charger at the house. If she finds it, she's gonna mail it to me. Until then, I'll just have to wait until July to get rejuiced and be able to take more pictures.
USB cords should be cheap and plentiful. I hope you meet someone who has some extras lying around. Bonus if the phone and camera take the same plug.
Sorry about the more-or-less double comment. As I posted, I got logged out, so I thought it failed, and I closed the window before I learned what happened.