El Move 4

15 June, 2013 1:00 PM

We’re somewhere near Abilene, Texas, I think. They turned off the radio, so I pulled out the computer and am listening to my iTunes whilst I write.

Alison Kraus just came on. I never hear her without thinking of Lewis. Even though he was from New Jersey, born and bred, he had a soft spot of Country music, and in particular Alison Kraus’s Bluegrass. I hate Country, but I do love Bluegrass. It’s the closest thing America will ever get to traditional Celtic folk music.

Texas is about as flat as my current attitude! And that’s pretty damned flat. It has an odd beauty about it, though. Everything is really freakin’ low to the ground. I wonder if that’s a result of the kinds of storms Texas is famous for. It’d be nice to encounter one of those storms. I would so pitch a fit to chase it. Hey, I like to take risks sometimes.

I know we’ve passed at least two 7-Elevens. If a third one rears its head early enough, I’m begging to make a Slurpee run. There’s just no two ways about it. Slurpee must be had!

Heh, how ironic that George Thorogood just came on. I’ve always associated him with Texas, though I don’t know why. Him and Stevie Ray Vaughn, may he rest in peace. That reminds me, I wonder if Stevie Ray’s video for ‘Cold Shot’ is on You Tube. That is one funny-ass video!

My battery for the camera just started flashing low, so I’m saving what little juice I have left for Arizona. Gotta get some desert pictures. I can’t believe I left the charger behind in SC! I had it on my mind to remember to get it, but I did I? Hell no. Now, I’m gonna have to wait until July before I can get a replacement charger, and that’s just pissy.

6:45 PM

We’re now in Pecos, Texas, at another Motel 6. I finally got my Slurpee, a cherry one, and it was glorious! We stopped at a place where there were 7-Elevens right across the street from one another. I could have walked from one as I drank my Slurpee, and moseyed over to the other one to buy another Slurpee, ‘cos that’s pretty much what I would do, if I had had the chance.

I didn’t take too many pictures today. Here’s my paltry offering for the eve.

Here’s a picture of Smidgen, who decided that out of her case was actually more pleasant than in it. So my thigh became her fave hangout in the truck today.

 photo IMG_1489.jpg

Some pretty flowers at a rest stop, right before Toby peed on them.

 photo IMG_1490.jpg

I’m fairly certain the Alien Greys are responsible for this odd stone formation.

 photo IMG_1491.jpg

An assload of horses.

 photo IMG_1492.jpg

I may have to check these bozos out on You Tube. I have noticed that the primary aroma in Texan air is BBQ. Who’da thunk?

 photo IMG_1493.jpg

Pretty much the landscape for the entire trip today, except for near the end, when we entered oil field country.

 photo IMG_1496.jpg

Okay, that’s it for this post. I am making a separate, friends-only post because I have some serious ranting to do. If you’re interested, log on, and stay tuned.
Yep, Texas, even Hill Country, is pretty flat. Whenever I get places that have actual topography, it's weird. I feel embraced by the land in Colorado, but it's strange not to see the sun set all the way down.

And regarding the most recent post, I'll be polite about bullying me. I'll assume I did something to deserve it. But don't you dare touch my animals. Don't you dare.