El Move 3

14 June, 2013 7:15 PM

We’re now in Terrell, Texas, at another Motel 6.

The Mother Unit and Jeanne just got in from lounging at the pool. You can’t leave pets unattended in the room, so I opted to stay behind. Besides, I have this squick factor that I can’t seem to overcome in regard to public swimming facilities. Plus, I can’t swim, so really why bother, right?

It didn’t turn out to be as unpleasant a day as I expected. One of the things that made it better, much better, was the Mother Unit turning on the radio. I’m hoping that’ll be the case for the remainder of the trip. If not, I do have Pandora on the phone and iTunes on the computer, so I may just shut out the world like that. Ear buds are your friends.

Ugh… I just found out that Jeanne is a biiiiiiig Firefly fan. Well, why wouldn’t she be? There’s only 15 of us on Earth who aren’t. ::rolls eyes::

Sorry, that just happened to be brought up because the Mother Unit turned the channel to Castle.

Anyway, back to the travel journal. It was all pretty much uneventful today. The beasties were very peaceful and the heat wasn’t too very oppressive. I’m actually pretty grateful that we stopped early. I could use the rest and the chance to let my Inner Borg out, here on Teh Intarwebz.

Here are some more photographs. The first two were taken in Shreveport, Louisiana. The rest are from Texas.

 photo IMG_1482.jpg

 photo IMG_1483.jpg

 photo IMG_1485.jpg

 photo IMG_1486.jpg

 photo IMG_1487.jpg

 photo IMG_1488.jpg
Yeah, I usually figure out someone is passing through the megastate about the time they hit Muleshoe on the New Mexico border.

Too bad you couldn't stop by the Woodlands, TX to say hello to Kanike! As for Jeanne being into Firefly, if it makes you feel any better, I actually think I found someone who hates the same very popular slash pairing that makes my skin crawl!(i.e. the equivalent to you finding another anti-Joss, er, "fan". _heehee_) Good luck, hon! It won't be long now until you're on a much better road!
El move 3
Hi there Pumpkin!

Nice to read that you are on the move, and in a (relatively) good mood. This pleases Us.

Just came back from a visit to Finland, so I haven't been in touch lately. The only critter I brought with me, was my 6-yearold (adopted) grandchild.

Will be sending you a separate e-mail later.

Be well my sweet!

Oleander 56
Re: El move 3
Looking forward to the email, m'dear! My time on Yahoo is limited to the evenings, and what kind of connection I have, but I will write you back as soon as humanly (and inhumanly) possible. ::hugs::