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El Move 2

14 June, 2013 Friday 7:40 AM

We are in Monroe, Louisiana, at a Motel 6. Every child in Louisiana is currently residing in, and playing around the grounds of, this hotel. Obviously, this does not set well with me.

It was a long day, to say the least, but mostly a good one. Apart from Jeanne being a bit irritable, okay a lot irritable at the end of our trip today, it was all good. They’re both engaged in eating some sort of pasta thing from Dominos. As for me, my stomach is still a tad wibbly, so I’m not really eating. If I keep this up, I will have lost ten more pounds by the time I reach California. Then I’m gonna bleach my hair blonde and be one of those skinny California girls I’ve heard about all my life. Yes… I’m joking. I’ll have blonde hair when I’m dead, yo.

So, without further ado, let’s have some photies.

Here’s pics out of Atlanta.

 photo IMG_1457.jpg

 photo IMG_1460.jpg

 photo IMG_1461.jpg

 photo IMG_1462.jpg

 photo IMG_1463.jpg

A rest area in Alabama. All of Alabama’s rest areas have designated pet walks, which are essentially slick steep hills; not very conducive to individuals with crap knees. We successfully navigated the ruthless paths, but not without a fair amount of trepidation.

 photo IMG_1464.jpg

I have decided that no one actually resides in Alabama or Mississippi. It’s all nothing but countryside and visitors, or passers-through.

 photo IMG_1465.jpg

At one of the Mississippi rest stops, we encountered a killdeer who was fearlessly guarding her eggs. The Mother Unit and I, competing over who may be the biggest birder, kept a polite distance and took photographs of the protective parent.

 photo IMG_1467.jpg

 photo IMG_1468.jpg

 photo IMG_1469.jpg

 photo IMG_1470.jpg

At this same rest stop was a grove of trees in an almost perfect circle. It would have given any self-respecting coven wet dreams.

 photo IMG_1471.jpg

Anyone who knows my history with the song “Situation,” knows why I had to get this picture, even though the band and the city have nothing to do with one another, or at least I don’t think they do.

 photo IMG_1474.jpg

I’d like to answer the question as to whether or not it’s sweet to beat your feet in the Mississippi mud, but we didn’t stop at the river for me to find out. All I have are these pictures, alas!

 photo IMG_1476.jpg

A rest stop in, you guessed it ~ Louisiana!

 photo IMG_1481.jpg

So something tells me that this is going to prove to be a long day. I’m hoping I’m wrong. We’ll see.
I will try! As for the route, I haven't a clue. Jeanne is keeping that to herself and has made it abundantly clear that she doesn't like GPS, even though that's how I found our hotel. I'm fairly certain we'll make it into Texas today, but that's pretty much the extent of it. :/
love these
hourly posts. There are a lot of kids traveling with their parents. Maybe they are going the opposite direction than what you are going. were in the Atlanta area - and took I-285, and likely I-20 west? You passed within 2 miles of my place.
You know, it really distresses me that we never got to meet. It's a real travesty, considering I'm your evil lab assistant...
Bein' all nosy an shit.
Love the kildeer! Poor Smidg, I hope she weathers the trip well. Do you suppose you're feeling queasy because you're riding in the back so much? I know that makes me uber-wibbly.

Nevermind. I'm not asking that question, because I don't want to dig all that up. I'm sorry.

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Re: Bein' all nosy an shit.
Nah nah, it's not a biggie. The car is fixable, but I don't have the money to get it repaired, so I'm letting it go back (if the body shop will let it go... therein lies a Catch-22 that I don't know how to work through). I can't drive anymore, anyway, so it's all a wash any way you look at it. That's one of the reasons I'm moving to San Diego: public transportation and, with it, my independence. It's just a matter of getting used to living in a gigantic city as opposed to existing in a tiny village.

As for being sick, it's my ulcer. If I could just get past the nausea bit and hold something on my stomach, I should be able to start eating again. The convenience of this not eating, though, is not eating, seeing as how I have 0 money, and I'm not about to mooch off the Mother Unit any more than I'm already having to, to make this move.

I'll eat when I'm dead, with my 40 promised virgins. How boring will that be?

Smidgen is doing really well. You'd think she's been an expert traveller her entire life, and that this wasn't the first major trip she's ever made. She currently inspecting the new room with all the confidence one cat can muster. Jackson Galaxy says that a happy cat is a confident cat. If that's the case, Smidgen is the most ecstatic cat on Planet Earth.