And So It Begins...

I found out a couple of hours ago that the Mother Unit left San Diego around 1:30 PDT. I expect she and Jean will be here around Monday or Tuesday. Starting tomorrow morning, I'll be in high gear as far as cleaning this dump and packing necessities. Janice is having a yard sale for me on Saturday, and I'll be gathering some more stuff for that, as I am in need of the fundage for the move. Things got so out of whack financially in May, the June finances are already knackered, so the move is going to be skinny at best. I'm in the process of lining up hostel services from friends who may be on our route back to California. So far, the response has been outstanding. I would say I was overwhelmed by that, but I'm not. My friends are awesome, so this is nothing more than I would have expected. They all know I'd do the same thing, and have done this same thing for friends in the past. This is one of the many great things about Teh Intarwebz: being able to travel without being yoked to a costly hotel bill.

My intention, once the journey West begins, is to write a full account of the entire trip here. It will be my way of getting back into journaling and recapturing my love for it. Plus, I already can feel that I'm going to be a new and renewed person once I'm away from this haunted hut. I want to get back to my Tinhuviel roots and let the Cliffs of Insanity shriek proudly once more.

That said, expect to hear lots from this corner of the 'net in the next week or so.
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So very excited for you and happy to see YOU being optimistic again. I've missed your Cliffs Screeds so it will be wonderful to read them as you head off on this new journey.

Time for the ghosts to release you. Time for new things on the horizon.

Luff you muchly, Tin!
Luff to you, too, Heidi. I know I've been Super Bummer Drag Number One these past couple of years, and that's one reason why I have avoided writing here, mainly because I love you guys too much to constantly depress you with what I had to say. I was already doing that enough. Here's to more Sithly rants in the very near future. xoxoxo
Thank you, doll! And, no, I'm not gonna sell them. I'd love to take them with me, but I can't seem to find them! Aunt Tudi had this packrat thing going on, and would squirrel everything away, to the point where I have no idea where anything is. UNNNGGGH.
I cannot Wait
To Read all about it!
Thank you, honey bunny! Just the thought of getting out of here is enough to clear the air, lemme tell you.
Take care of yourself, and have a good trip. *crosses many tentacles that it is all hassle free*
What an exciting adventure! I'm looking forward to hearing about your travels.
I hope I can communicate them accurately! I'm gonna miss you guys, though, even though we never see one another. Thank the gods for the Internet, eh?
I hope the Pacific is as blue as in your dreams... :-)

I look forward to seeing what you see. A cross-country road can't help but be memorable. I've done it twice, once each direction.

And I'm glad you continue to be here.

Best of the good luck. (As I like to say, I'm Irish enough to know to specify GOOD luck.)
Yes, 'cos if you just say luck, you might be wishing the worst! ;)

Thank you, m'dear. It's gonna be quite the change. Soon I'll be in your time zone!
I'm excited for you. Looking forward to experiencing your journey through your words. Happy trails Pumpkin!

I've never been to the West coast, you know. It's on my bucket list. <3 I may just invite myself and you out for coffee one of these aeons.

I am so very glad you're getting away from the murky waters there. I can't put into words how glad I am. I've felt so helpless in your time of sorrow, so far away, so useless to your needs. It fills me with relief and joy to know you're to be away from the armpit of Hell. I can't do a whole lot in the way of helping accommodations and the like.

But... What I *can* do is buy you and yours lunch on one of your travel days.

Love you, mean it.

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The ocean is beautiful. You really should try to visit. And you can stay with me! And, thank you. xoxoxo
Pictures! Pictures! You are sure to see so many odd things along the way! I hope you have lots of batteries. I'm so excited for you!
NO PRESSURE, but if you happen to be traveling by road, and your route takes you through Kansas via I-70, I would be bloody ecstatic to buy you a meal.

Even if you drive on by, wave at Autumn when you pass the bluffs on the Kansas side of the city, and wave at Lawrence, because I'm in there, somewhere. :)