Cliffs of Insanity

Happy Birthday

Today marks year 11 for the Cliffs of Insanity. It's hard to believe I've had this journal that long, and it's mind-boggling how many things have changed since June 2002. Of course, it's equally as astounding, the things that have not changed since then.

I'd have to say the one thing I'm thankful for the most when it comes to the Cliffs, is the friendships I have formed with people here. There are some of you to whom I feel closer than my own family. You have helped to restore my semblance of faith in humanity and my ability to trust others. Every one of you is important to me, and a blessing to me every day.

Who knows what the next year holds? Whatever it holds, I intend to make an account of it all here on LJ. The Cliffs of Insanity has been neglected for too long. I miss it, and I miss my friends here on LJ. As I said in the previous post, I'm hoping to be able to write more in the very near future, because I'll actually have things to write about.

Exciting times, they are a-comin'. (or at least I hope)

Now, where's my birthday cake?
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It still feels like only yesterday since I started on LJ, and then I realize I started as a freshman in college, and it's mindboggling.

Still keeping tabs on you. :)
Time flies, eh? And thanks for keeping tabs on me. I hope to be back here keeping tabs on all of you, in full force in the next few months! :D
LOL holy crap--that 1500th post on my blog is even LESS impressive when you realize the blog is a decade old...!
I think it means you have a life. When your blog has burst through the 10k mark in 10 years, chances are you're a total nerd bag with no hope of redemption.
Happy birthday!
Guten Abend!

Und herzliche Gratulationen zum deine elf Jahren
an die LJ!

Ich wünche dich viel Glück in der Zukunft mit deinen Schreiberei.


Oleander 56
Re: Happy birthday!
(I did this with the help of the Babylon translation website, so please forgive me if the grammar is wobbly)

Danke, lieb! Es ist immer eine von Ihnen zu hören Ehre, besonders wenn Sie Ihre mehrsprachige Fähigkeit aufweisen!
It's all good. I'm sorry to have been off on my own adventures and missed your journey, but hopefully I'll have time to both read and write, and we can catch up with each other. Go, girl.