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I Do not Know where this Is Going

I started writing it day before yesterday. So far, it's been fueled by Sacred City, Big Night Music, and Cormorant, all by Shriekback. I do know it feels good to have Orphaeus Cygnus and Cadmus Pariah back together again.

"Do you know what I find most gratifying about being able to see into the depths of the cosmos?"
Orphaeus Cygnus sighed in mock resignation. "Why can't you just say, 'Do you know what I love'?"

"I do not love." Cadmus Pariah said simply. He narrowed his vast eyes as he cut them to the ginger-haired Vampire lying next to him on the roof of the skyscraper far above the city of Dubai. He wondered why he was even spending the evening with this, his long-time nemesis. His behaviour since his resurrection into full Vampiredom mystified Cadmus on many an occasion, and this was one of those times. He asked himself why he did not just slaughter the Swan and be done with the irritation. But something stayed his killing hand, and that something was what confused the Dark Child of Night.

"Whatever, dude. So what do you find so gratifying then?"

"The myriad of colours. The multitudinous hues. Humanity can never behold what wonder surrounds them. And you previously human Vampires can only grasp hints of the incredulous kaleidescope that makes up Creation. My Elven eyes can see colours that are beyond your comprehension, so the symphony of the universe is laid bare before my sight. It stirs both elation and humility."

There was an interlude of silence as Cadmus' poetry settled into their bones. Orphaeus may not like Cadmus, he really couldn't with the dark history they shared, but he did appreciate the way Cadmus sculpted words to create another reality for those around him. His voice and his mastery of language never failed to hypnotise. This was one of his many gifts, and he used it with sublime perfection. Was it any wonder people flocked to his music and behaved as though it were a religious experience? Was it any wonder they spilled their blood for him during concerts?

"That's fascinating. As a former human and, apparently a limited Vampire for it, I really never thought about colours that I could not see existing."

"People usually do not. You are quite satisfied with what you can see, and have little regard for the hidden wonder beyond your vision. I surmise this is a natural behaviour for, if you were to ponder upon that which you can never see, your dissatisfaction would grow exponentially, and you would never be able to appreciate the beauty that you can see."

"You're waxing philosophical this fine night. What's got into you, Cadmus?"

Cadmus Pariah turned his head away from the infinity of space to face Orphaeus Cygnus. The Swan exhibited nothing but innocent curiosity along with his question. He was genuinely interested in what was going on with him, though Cadmus had no idea why he would be this way, given the enmity between them. Still though, there had been a kind of bonding between them during their quest for the Blood Crown. And it had, after all, been Orphaeus who had returned to the Brown Mountain and helped to resurrect Cadmus after his self-sacrifice in the ecstasy of the Relics' union. Cadmus still vividly remembered the holy song he shared with the Sainted Confessor, that mortated Vampire child who inspired such violent rage within him. At least now, he was not haunted by that persistent spirit. He was not certain he could maintain any shred of sanity if the ghost tormented him in his sleep whilst, at the same time, that nasty little titch Flint roamed the world, hunting Cadmus as though he could ever overcome the Plenipotentiary and exact vengeance for his beloved Gareth. When it came right down to it, Cadmus simply wanted to be left alone, to hunt and slay prey the way he pleased, and bask in the warmth of his worshippers.

"Nothing really has 'got into me,' as you say. I have just been pondering my Elven progenitors and wonder if I shall encounter them again."

"Meybhelahn is barred to our kind, Cadmus. The Vampires who chose to remain, chose the curse over any kind of redemption."

"I had no such choice," Cadmus said, his voice a low buzz. "I was used as a doorway, as a healing tool, in spite of myself. I was broken. No choice was ever presented to me."
Orphaeus felt stung by the raw bitterness in Cadmus' words.

"I'm sorry, Cadmus," Orphaeus said quietly. "I never thought of it that way. Do you miss them, then? The last Elves, the Original Ten?"

"Miss them?" Haughtiness spread across Cadmus' visage. "No. I would have killed them, had they remained. Just as I will eventually slay all of you. It is what I was born to do, and shall someday fulfill my destiny, especially now that I can drink the blood of humans."

"So is that why I'm here? You've decided to dispatch me?"

"No," Cadmus Pariah whispered. "I summoned you because tonight marks five years since we retrieved the Blood Crown."

"You mean to tell me that you are celebrating an anniversary?"

"Do I look like a celebrant, Swan? No. I wanted to see if you could summon up the ancient memories on this night. I need to feel connected to that part of me, and I do not know why. Perhaps the memory you summon may shed light upon this mystery, so I might find some peace."

"I could only tap into those memories when I drank Kelat's Blood from the chalice, Cadmus. Both of them are gone. I don't see how you think I can help now."

Cadmus returned his gaze to the heavens hanging over Dubai. The swirls and collisions of the cosmos sang to him, and he wondered if perhaps Vincent van Gogh had possessed some of the Tarmian blood, for his Starry Night was the closest a human had ever come to realising the truth of the night sky. Pieces of broken poetry filled his endless mind, inspired by what he beheld above him. Eventually, they may show up as songs, a voice in the night reaching out to souls who felt most at home when the sun hid on the other side of the world.
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