Hey guys. My computer is in the hospital and I have no way of seeing who sent me money. Please, if you sent me anything, could you let me know how much you sent to me and what your paypal address is? I want to give it back to you. Thanks.
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Okay, as soon as I get my computer back and can reference my files, I will return the money then.
Okay, now this is just getting stupid. Some anonymous asshole posts a crappy comment in the most cowardly way, and you care? Let karma deal with that POS.

When you see your therapists on the 27th, please be truthful and take what comes. However unhelpful therapy has been in the past, you really do need to let them do their job.

While they cannot solve all your problems, they are connected to people and networks and organizations that might be able to offer you some help to get your immediate crisis under some sort of control. I'm not sure what, exactly, but if you don't come clean and allow them to advocate for you, you'll never know. This crisis is too big for you to handle on your own.

For what it's worth, you are one of the most resilient and resourceful people that I know. Please stop thinking of the dead. You know that Tudi would never come back to torment you - not for one second. It's only a dream. The loop playing in your head is of your own creation. One thing is for sure - neither she nor your father want you to join them.

Good luck at your appointments on the 27th. It's time for a time-out. Allow them to help you figure this out. Please.
Paisley is extremely eloquent. You should read her fanfiction. It's novel-size now, and I strongly suggested that she look into getting it published.
Unfortunately, the only resources they have are inpatient care, and I'm not back there. I can't. So I have to lie to a certain degree. And if it means I take matters into my own hands, at least I'll be in control.

Sorry... Virgo thing.

Love you guys.