Thank You

Thanks to all of you for the help. Every little bit helps. I will have no way to pay you back, as my outgo will probably end up being more than my income, if I am even able to repair the car. Pretty much at the end of my rope here, but I do love all of you, never forget that. <3
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I always go by, if you can help someone later on somehow, that's how you pay back. Keep trying as long as you can, I hope it gets easier for you. *hugs*
Why promise to pay back, then after receiving help state you will have no way to pay them back?
The situation is changing at an exponential rate, that's why I said what I said. But thank you for making me feel like even more of a piece of shit. I won't be accepting anymore money, so you need not worry about this apparant grifter.

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What kind of cowardly sack of crap are you? Obviously you do not know Tin to know that to even ask for help, much less admit that her situation is worse than first thought really took a lot for her. If you DO know her and are saying this anyhow than at least have balls to show your name. Go fuck yourself.
I got a comment from an anonymous individual pointing out that I initially said I would pay it back, and now I was saying I couldn't. The way it was put made it sound like I was trying to grift everyone. I am not. When I wrote the help post, I thought I was gonna be able to pay everyone back, but situations beyond my control has changed that. That said, I won't be accepting anymore money from anyone. I am not a liar. I am not trying to trick people into giving me money just for the hell of it. It's really fantastic how, when you're depressed, people make certain that your depression and guilt are magnified. :(

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See the comment above. I feel like such a wonderful person now, thanks to Anonymous (not the hanker heroes). It's exactly what I needed right now.
Well, whoever it is is obviously a cowardly wretch. Pay them the attention they deserve- i.e., none.
Anonny can eat a bag of deep fried dicks. Fucking pansy assed whiner. This wasn't like some case where two friends went out to dinner, and OOPS, one forgot their wallet so needed to borrow some money to cover dinner, but had enough money to pay it back right then sitting in the bank. No. Tin's been upfront that she's struggling. She tried to be optimistic and have an ounce of pride, hoping that she could pay something back. Anyone with eyes and a brain could see that it might take her awhile to do that, but you had to go and be a shitty person about it. Well you know what? Most people who try to help out a friend in need don't expect to get anything back. You do it because it's the right thing to do, and if you don't have it to give, then don't lend it either. I don't really believe in curses, but if I did, I would curse you with all the food you ever put in your mouth tasting as dead as your generosity.

And Tin, you did nothing wrong. Reaching out for a limb when you're drowning is the right thing to do, no matter how it feels. That person's a jerk.
Thanks, love. But I think it best that I accept no more help. TBH, I'm not worth it, especially when I pretty much have only one option right now, which means I wouldn't need the money anymore, and nobody else will be tricked out of your money, especially in these hard times. Love you all for coming to my defense, but I can't handle taking anything else from anybody. It's not fair to anyone.
I hate to see you spiraling like this. I get your feelings, even if I don't agree with your opinions. I place a value on you, and I will miss you if you go. What ever I gave to you, I was never tricked out of, and I never questioned your motives.