Snow for the First Time

For the first time since Aunt Tudi died, it is snowing. There's already about 4 inches on the ground. My first reaction was "oh my, Aunt Tudi is gonna panic since I have to go somewhere tomorrow. I won't hear the end of it.

But there's nothing to hear.

Here's a picture of the Witch Tree. I had missed her looking like this. She always looks particularly witchy when snow is gracing her branches.

I'm attempting cheer myself up by watching World's Dumbest Daredevils 2. It always brightens my day to see the utter stupidity of my fellow humans, even though I have the sneaking suspicion I will end up on that show someday. Ha ha!
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Hi there Pumpkin!

Looks almost like over here, but ours will probably last until March...

Nobody likes winter over here once New-year is over, and everybody is waiting for spring.

Those who can afford it, takes a holiday to warmer climes, as a work-associate of mine, to Thailand (Pig!).

Best of wishes for you,

Yours Truly,

Oleander 56

It sucks when your first thought is something like that...and then realize things aren't the same. I know about how things like that can suck. ::hugs::

But that picture is incredible!
That is a gorgeous photo, Tin. I can't help but think Aunt Tudie is smiling somewhere looking at that scene (and scolding you about the driving!). :)
Thanks. I always try to take a picture of the contorted filbert when it's covered with ice or snow.