The Blessed Dark

"Shriekback celebrate the Blessed Dark."

So do I. I always have, long before I knew about the Shrieks and their propensity for the dance of shadows.

Earlier today, I was watching a documentary on humans and how we've related to the night over the span of time, and how many modern-day humans still have to be alert at night so large predators can't come into their village and wreak havoc. The doco focused on the levels of darkness that we experience, now that we have electricity. There is a scale called the The Bortle Dark-Sky Scale that measures the level of darkness people can experience in any given place. It has even happened here. In the 80s, it was quite dark at night, and I could see far away stars that took my breath away. Thirty years later, all I can see are the most powerful of stars and the occasional planet.

That frustration with turning the night into day is something that has burrowed deep within my soul and I actually passed this aspect on to Cadmus, who loves the city, any city, but mourns in his own way for the distant days of watching the galaxies spiral around him.

Once I can drive again, I'm seriously thinking of travelling high up on The Blue Ridge Parkway to commune with the mysteries that can only be found in the night. Until then, I'm pondering on beginning to walk at night, late at night. I've already had a couple of people warn me that it might not be all that safe, and perhaps I should seek out a walking buddy, or at least carry a stick with me. I'm not worried about any of that. What I want is the peace of the Blessed Dark. Walking in fear of what may be out there sort of defeats my purpose.

Besides, if I'm meant to die in this manner, then so be it. We all have to go sometime.
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I don't know what others think, but I feel the danger from walking is less than the benefits. Find a nice staff in the forest and use it if you have to, but I think the walking is a very good idea. Connect. Find the night, and the earth.