Dreams - STAHP

When I do get to sleep for any length of time, I'm having dreams of interacting with Aunt Tudi. They are so incredibly real that I have woken myself up several times in the past couple of weeks, talking to her. And, if I'm not doing that, I'm having those falling dreams that you tend to have when you're on the threshold of actual sleep, the kind that make you jerk awake. Neither are very conducive to decent sleep, and to be honest, they actually make me want to stay awake. At least when I'm awake, despite the depression, I have some semblance of control over my mind.

In other news, I ate for the first time in three days just a few hours ago. Everything tastes horrible, and I haven't really been hungry. If I keep this up, I'm either gonna be thin or dead...or both. Either or both would be fine with me.

That's the latest good news from the Cliffs of Insanity. I'm gonna end this quickly, as I have an extremely clingy cat lying in the crook of my right arm, preventing my ability to use the keyboard with any shred of success.
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Here and listening. And you're in my prayers...
It's difficult to know what to say in response to your obvious pain. So, I'll just say that I'm sorry and that I'm always available as a shoulder if you need to vent. You know where to reach me. Try soup and crackers. Cheap, easy to make and it will make you feel cared for. I would make it for you myself if I was there. Take care, Dumpling.
Did I ever tell you that Aunt Tudi's nickname for me was Dumpling, because I'm a dumpling addict from birth on. That's kina creepy if you didn't know.
I knew it was a nickname of yours but I didn't know that Aunt Tudi gave it to you. My apologies if that triggered. Not my intention at all.
NOOOO, no need to apologise. ::hugs you:: it was just unexpected, and I wasn't sure I had told you that before, so I thought you were more psychic than I already thought. haha