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I've avoided writing here. Why? Because so far this year, everything has just gone to hell. I mean seriously gone straight to hell in a handbasket. I don't even want to write about, it's been so bad. I've had it. Truly had it. My deathwish is so massive right now, it's scary. So, until things get better, I'm lingering in my Comfortably Numb, and engaging in extreme escapism. I'll be back when I'm not so devastated
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That's not good. I told the universe that 2013 was supposed to be better for all my friends. Grrrr! *shakes fist at universe*
I'm sorry this year has started so badly for you, Tin. It is really hard when you are in a bad place to be able to feel / see that it can change. You've had a really hard last year, plus. Are you still seeing your grief therapist? Whatever you need to do to stay afloat, do. (((hug))) Wishing positive change and healing and peace for you...
Here and listening. Let me know if you need anything.

You are and will stay in my prayers.

::hugs:: and love...
Hi there Pumpkin!

Sorry to read that you are feeling so bad, but if escapism is what helps, then escape galore...

I will send you some escapist material, to help you along the way...

In short, the Best of wishes for you, and hugs...

Love from Sweden,

Oleander 56
So sorry to hear life is serving up its usual crap on a cracker. If you want to vent, you know where to get me. I'm always ready to listen.

Take care Tracy.

::hugs:: If there's anything I can do, holler. If there's not, you can holler anyway.