Newtown and Sandy Hook

I felt compelled to make this. Please pass it around, if you so wish.

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I had to.
You know how I fee about kids, but this is just a horrible thing, and this is the only way I can acknowledge and pay tribute. I was compelled. xoxoxo
Brought me to tears - again. I just can't get those families out of my mind. It's one thing to lose a child but to have one blown away in such a senseless and brutal way? I'm sure they are trapped in a waking nightmare right now, yet for the most part, this tragedy has been met with a grace and dignity that I didn't think was possible. These families have had to endure the unimaginable and they are doing it with amazing heart and courage.
I think it's wonderful they've been protected by groups like the bikers' club and, especially Anonymous. Hopefully some gun control, which was my initial intention to support with the video and song, will finally come. I changed my mind about the gun control issue and including that in the video, because I would have had to use at least one image of guns, and I didn't find it appropriate. This has really gotten to me, and I'm no fan of children as you know. But this? Fucked up. And senseless. Some are using evil, but the evil here lies in the actions of Ronald Reagan, who pretty much sacked our mental healthcare in the 80s. It has left so many people on the streets or in prison, and many people who need help unable to get it. Adam Lanza was one of those, and those children and their teachers paid the price for Reagan's evil.