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Rapid Fire

John, my therapist, constantly bounces me from one subject to another, I think in the hope of seeing whether or not I'm being straight with him. Frankly, I have nothing to hide from him. I want it all to hang out. It's just the first step on the long road to healing, in my opinon. One of the things he wants me to focus on, is my obsession with the Alpaca Lips. He wondered whether or not this as a suicidal thougt or a homicidal one. I tole hime both. I hope we're rendered extinction, including myself, and that the place is left to worthier species. He made notes.

He asked about my pulling, and picking. I told him that my small toe nail nails are currenty non-extence. Plus, I have a scap that I just can't get my hands off of.

I told him about the medication mixup, my decision to stay at home alone for Chrismas, and my planning to have a big, crazy going out party on 12-21. Beyond that, I don't know.

The Alpaca Lips is pretty comfort I have in my life right now. The sooner we're all gone, the better off the Earth will be. I'll be at the first of the line to meet whatever is beyond this Vales of Tears (alghout I would like to meet Barry Andrews again. Maybe he and his friends could help see Nibiru coming over the horizons just before we all drop dea.d.
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Rapid fire
Aww, honey...

I really would reconsider spending time alone, where is your family in all this?

I will write you more when I come home from work...

Yours Truly,

Oleander 56