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Maul and Shriekedge

So I went to the post office today, and I had two packages. One from the guy I bought a press photo from for $.99 last month, and one from Amazon. Here's what I received!

This was a picture I did not have and had never seen. I was quite excited to get it, but it makes me wonder how many pictures are out there I don't have. I thought I had all of them.

And here's the book. Check out the gift card that came with it! 'Tis hilarious!

I'm very grateful to have found the picture and also to brujah and hubby (I can't find the user name!) for the book. I'm going to start reading it tonight!
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Is Maul black with red tatoos or red with black tatoos - sort of like the zebra question - a white horse with black stripes or a black horse with white stripes ..... I wonder about such things because I have no life. Really.
He is red with black tattoos, acording to the Star Wars canon, but I like to think he's black with red tattoos.