In the past six months or so, Smidgen has been on me like a freckle, and I have connected to her so much more than before. If I'm sitting down, she's right there. I hug her and she does nothing but purr louder. I pet her rabbit fur and she just vibrates with pleasure. When I'm lying down, she's on my chest, oftentimes with her face against my cheek, purring. If she's not on me one way or another, she walks the floor yowling. That drives me crazy, so I encourage her to be with me. Janice says I'm too attached to her, that I'm going to be destroyed when she dies. She is eight years old and healthy as a horse, so I expect she will be with me for at least another ten years. Since the coyote attack, she stays in the house, going out sometimes to use the bathroom if she doesn't want to use the litter pan. She goes under the porch to do her business, then comes right back in.

I love this cat dearly. I've haven't been this attached to an animal since Henry, my beagle boy. She has been the greatest comfort to me since Aunt Tudi's passing. It's as if she knows I'm damaged and she's doing everything she can to heal me. I realise it's slow going, but she does make things better on a daily basis. Smidgen is my rock when nothing else can reach my spirit.

She's with me right now, with on paw on my arm and one on the edge of the computer. It's a wonder she's not working her way onto my lap, between me and the computer screen. My constant companion, my dearest friend. I don't know what I would do without her.
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Yup. Wouldn't be without a cat in my life but there are "cats" and then there are "puds". Cats are great; entertaining, playful and affectionate. But Puds are those wonderful, empathic, loving, soothing purring companions - a cut above the regular cat. Smidgen is clearly a Pud of the highest order. And may it ever be so.

Peace to you.
They say you don't choose your cat, she chooses you!
You've been blessed! Xxxx
Cats often understand - from a compassionate point of view - more than most people give them credit for. Cats I've had in the past have curled up on me when I'm sick, they've purred me to sleep, and they've come up when I've had horrible days and, for a little while, make life better while they're nudging at me and purring.

To me there is nothing more healing than falling asleep covered in purring cats. :)