Thank You

I started writing this post around 1 or 2 this morning. The drunker I got on the Stadol combined with the sleepier I was gettng, the scarier this post became. I've decided) not to change anything.  If my Cliffs is gonna stay and always be true, it means to keep the Stadol-inebriated in put just as openly as all my sober and sobering journal entries.  Besides, with a migraine, I don't think I had much of a choice.  To everyone who cares about me and is concerned enough to respond to some of the posts I've made when refocusing my journal bones so that the Cliffs won't die with me under them, having atrophied myself from writing to such a degree, I couldn't get out of the way in time enough ~ I want to thank you. Even though I may not respond to the kindness I most assuredly don't deserve from you guys, never ever think I don't appreciate what you're saying or what it is you are saying. The reason why I don't say anything back to you is that you've stricken me literally speechless out of gratitude for your kindnesses and I truly am dumbstruck by what anyone has taken the time to say.

Stadol helps get rid of your headache by using the tried and true method of preventing your even realising you have a head to hurt.

Everyone has way so much time to juggle. I'm the least of anyone's concerns; yet, you take your time for me...after all these months of my being silent.

I just wanted to thank you all. To show you how much I appreciate each and everyone of you. To let you know that I've been reading you, even though I haven't had anything of worth to say. My world my have changed, and I may have become a bit more verbose than I have in quite some time, but the things that never changed is that I never forget any of you, and never stopped reading you ~~ I never ever stopped reading you.

So thank you.
For everything.
Thank you.
it hasn't taken me
In the meantime, I'm taking the method of focusing on one subject per each journal post. I've been encouraged to just write whatever it is that comes to me; but that's just a little too scattered for my taste. So what I'm doing is, I choose a subject, maybe a couple, and I focus on that ~ that's the one

It may be of extreme interest that it has taken me about a day to commit this information to the proverbial pend and paper to telly. For the past conscious hours, I may have to been trying to struggle one line of proser to paper with obviously underwhelming success. I'm gonna give up to the inevitable for the next little while because each grammatical faux pas makes us look ever more ominouwsskt teutohidl Ig; Higglddf as ak.

Do not ask me what that means.  That Viking in the JG Wentworth commercial might know, but I don't.
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I checked with the Viking. She said she was pretty sure it meant 877-cash-now. WTF?

Ha. Ha.

Stadol sounds sort of wonderful. Just sorry it's necessary. Hope your head is feeling better soon.

Peace to you.

Thank you...
Hello Pumpkin!

It's good to feel gratitude, because if nothing else, it will counteract self-pity.

If your gratitude also includes my humble person, so thank you, for whatever reason.

Found a text that I would like to share with you.

"One of the most fundamental things about all the obstructive refuse you have to contend with, is that it has released its relationship with the ultimate source of life, and is cooling off and dying of decomposition. Once you realize and understand this, thoroughly, you will never be tempted to lose hope and give in. For with this engraved on your mind, it is impossible to entertain personal antagonism: you know too well the reason for things being the way they are. And once above personal antagonism, and aware of your own free power of relationship with the source, you find the way cleared for the bringing in of the fresh, healthy, over-laying material."

Stewart Edward and Betty White, Across the Unknown

Hoping that all will be well with you, from this dark and cold place in the world.(November in Sweden is no laughing matter).

Yours Truly,

Oleander 56
Re: Thank you...
You know I always love to read your written whimsy. You had mentioned ealier that more adventures might be in store for our wee beast. Any more regarding that?
I've been reading. So I'm still here, too. Keep being here and using it to help yourself.
You are brilliant!
I just wanted to tell you that I am now reading The Chalice and I am amazed at your talent. I could never create the world you have nor could I write so brutally poetic. I bought a Kindle and one of the reasons I did was because I wanted to read the work of some of my LJ friends and yours was the first book I grabbed. Thank you and I am proud to have you as my friend here. Hugs.