Tattoo You

If you get the Stones reference, good on you, mate.

Right now I have two tattoos. I want a total of five before I'm finished. The first tat is of a red & black Triskele, which is a Welsh symbol. The colours I chose to honour someone who doesn't even exists, but who nevertheless helped me from a wholly drowntrodden life.

The second is of the Shriekback symbol. I'm a firm disbeliever in band logos for body art, they just seem so ridiculous; however, this symbol has several meanings. First off, of course, it's the Shriek symbol. Secondly, it was designed to represent the unending loop of energy. This tied into their song "Everything that Rises Must Converge." Another reason is that it's not something people see regularly, especially around here. This allows me to educate a little bit. I later found out that the inner core of the band and their coterie of fans all possessed the tattoo somewhere on their bodies.

The other tattoos are one of Nathor, the Bird Goddess on my breast bone. The other two are also hand tattoos, both being of trees. One tree will sport a leaf for each good thing, a thorn for each negative one. The other tree will appear to be dead, but have one red or blue blooming red rose that will cover the tip of my middle finger. The only person who will know what this means will be mean. Suffice to say, it will represent the most important moment of my entire life.

I'm trying to stay on the positive side of things, instead of being perpetually morbid about everything. It's hard to do, when your greatest hope is that the Mayans ended their calendar for some fantastical upheaval that will render humanity extinct. There are only a handful of things that make me second guess my greatest wish. They are:

  1. I want to see the entire Hobbit film

  2. Shriekback and Jeff Lynne are both coming out with new music in 2013

  3. I want to engage in a major travel undertaking come Spring, when I can drive again

  4. I want to see my third book published.

I'm sure there are more things on this list, but it's late and I'm not thinking straight.
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I'm too fickle to have a tat. I'm sure I would regret anything I got at some point. But your selections sound lovely, especially the trees. The tree of life would be my first choice if I ever went for ink. And I'm always doodling spirals.

It looks like you have definite things to look forward to in 2013 so there will be some consolation if we don't all buy it on December 21.

Take care.
I think that you have a pretty good list there.

And maybe you will come up with more.

And of course I believe that tats are a good reason to delay the apocalypse. I've got a major one coming up myself.