Alpaca Lips

I joke around alot about about the Alpaca Lips, and I have a lot of people laughing along with me.

But it's all a lie. I do hope for the end of the world. I don't see where I have contributed much of anything to this planet, and I see around me people taking from the Earth but never giving back. I don't see how we, as a race, have done any good whatsoever. People will object to my philosophy and argue that I wanted the endtime, but I'm afraid to die, and part of me hopes I'm one of the survivors. That's not true. I'll be at the front of the line if it helps some species gets to ascend and maybe do much better than the human race. We have been a failed experiment created by some sort of scientist who is embarrassed by his creation gone horribly wrong. It's time to dump the petrie dose and start again.

People say I am morbid and have a death complex. Maybe I do. But I see more harm and more what people would call sin every day, and it never gets better. When my fellow humans rally to save the Earth, they are lying, even though they don't know. The Earth will continue. When they jump and holler about keeping the Earth pristine and unharmed, they are screaming to keep the capable of lf hosting the human parasite. Like I said, the Earth will continue. She'll just shake off the offending creatures that are making her itch, and move along much healthier than before. So the hippies screaming against the conservatives aren't doing any good, nor are the conservatives doing much to harm our planet. She's not our planet. Nothing belongs to us except the mess we have made for ourselves.

So yeah, I hope 12-21 brings a calamity. My own sorrow and guilt will be wiped away right along side the people who suffer the same, yet not realise it. We're a virus, contributing to the Earth our sorrows in the form of destruction. We need to be wiped by the Terrifying Sqeegee of God, and sooner, the better.
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Pretty much agree. I don't know if I believe we are an experiment, but if we are demolished, there is really not much we can do about it. I am not worried about it.

But, what I am worried about, as I work in the ED of the hospital, are the people who are worried, to the point of attempting suicide before Dec. 21. It has happened in the past, when people fear the end of the world. There were 7 attempted suicides at one time in ur ED last weekend. Made me wonder how it will be in December. Especially if nothing happens on the 21st.
We can only hope you are right. Sure, I'm afraid to die, but at times - far too often - I just want it over with. My concern is that the Earth will drag this out, not entirely from a perception of awareness, but more of changing and adapting (hope?) to us humans screwing things up. That is, if 12/21 doesn't occur, then *we* will have to witness the destruction and mutilation of the blessed aspects of this world until the Earth finally says enough. THAT is not what *I* want to witness. Let the Mother bitch-slap us all and be done with it!
I would much rather see a plague of sterility. Not to the extent of Children of Men, because that would just make everybody crazy. But to the extent that the virus that is us could be contained without damaging the host. For forty years I've been watching the race between the forces of ignorant greed and the forces of can-do let's-make-it-better. Ignorant greed always wins of course, but the other side is still growing in numbers and ingenuity. I am a great believer in the small minority of humanity who are talented, kind and/or perceptive, and don't want to see them washed away with the failed part of the experiment. We're the stones panned from some great river; how can we save the gold while discarding the dead rock?