Clearing Out

I have not yet to really begin clearing the stuff that belonged to Aunt Tudi out of the house. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) I've been avoiding Aunt Tudi's stuff like the plague, even though having them all around me depresses me even more. It's like there are two houses, the home I had with Aunt Tudi, and the house and space I live in now. 2) There is such an overwhelming amount of stuff I didn't even know she accrued, I feel the task is just too overwhelming to begin. Plus I'm lazy.

I have come to grips that Aunt Tudi was a borderline hoarder. She has saved ever box anything we bought came in. I found dozens of jars full of thousands of nails. They're gone. If I need a nail, I can always ask Uncle Michael for one. I found several bottle of paint a dozens of paint brushes. There two manual typewriters. Lockboxes full of documents that no longer mean anything. Hundreds of video cassette tapes of 'I Love Lucy' and 'The Golden Girls.' Frames we would never use for pictures we probably don't have. A box of electric extension cords and phone cords that no longer work. All this I found in the dining room and laundry room. I haven't begun with the living room and, god help me, the closets. It is a daunting task ahead of me, and I'm not sure I'm ready yet, even though I know making the house mine might help me get through the grief process earlier. Maybe then, I'll be better motivated to deep clean the house and truly make it a home.
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She has saved ever box anything we bought came in. A box of electric extension cords and phone cords that no longer work.

This will be the easy stuff to get rid of. And a good place to start.
Good job
You will feel much better later. I am doing a similar job at Mama's, she is the same way, saves everything. It is daunting, and why I am instead on the computer alot. I am lazy.
I lost my son six years ago this past August and I still have many boxes of his belongings. Just as his condition became terminal, he brought a large load of his personal things back home as though he knew and he wanted me to be the one sorting through certain things - well, me and his brother. So, every year I reduce what's there by giving things away to people he knew and other family and the stack of boxes gets smaller. It takes time. I find just having a certain place for those things makes it easier. They are out of the way but you can access them any time you need to. Reduce it to the smallest pile you can, find a container or containers and put them in their special place but out of your day to day living area. It's a start because trying to purge it all, at once, is too overwhelming. Take care.
Paisley daze's advice sounds very wise. Also, you've started with the truly worthless that has little of Tudi attached: go ahead with that and be ruthless. Obviously Tudi's actual belongings will be harder, and gathering them in one place till you're ready sounds good.