Cliffs of Insanity


I went to therapy today, and told John (my therapist) that I had started to force myself to write in my journal, after a year of being very sporadic. He asked me how long I'd been journaling. I told him 10 years, and that I had almost 10,000 entries. He was [understandably] floored by the level of output I had written, and made of note of it in my file. Oh lord. He then told me that writing in the journal is a very good idea, and he wants to see what I write. So I'll be printing everything out from here on out. Glad I have ink for the printer!
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Absolutely so.

Did you talk to him about the animals? I do get that Chester is a genuine tie, but surely the others could be happily rehoused, or take Smidgen with you. Maybe it would be a good idea to start looking to rehouse Seedling now, while she is young enough to adapt really happily.

For you, California sounds like a really good idea. For me, it's the sh*ts, because if I *ever* get there, it's unlikely to be more than once, and we'll go back to purely online friends.

But then, you may get homesick for Asheville once you've healed up in your mother's orbit and a relatively sane state.
Hang on, did I just call California "sane"?????? Sheesh. But you know what I meant.
Yes, I was thinking like Falkenna that if you move to Caleefornia, I won't likely be able to make your aquaintance as I had planned for next fall. A road trip to SC is one thing but Cali is too far to drive. So, purely selfish, yeah. But I do think the west coast would do you a world of good. Sunshine. I know you hate the winters in SC. So I hope you can resolve the critter situation sufficiently to allow you to go. I think Smidgeon will most likely go where ever you do. She's your familiar.
By the way. Why not just give your therapist your handle here and save the printer ink? Just an idea.