Family Dog

Twelve Years

When Chester gets up from his naps, he limps a little. The longer he walks, the more the limp goes away. It's arthritis, I know. But he's twelve years old now, being born in November of 2000. Chester also has cataracts. They aren't too bad, and he can see fine, but I know he's going blind. Yorkies tend to live from twelve to sixteen years. I figure he has a good four years, because he's always been treated like a king, and taken care to the point that he's had no health issues, except the occasional mild case of ear mites. I feel guilty wishing that I didn't have the animals to take care of until they pass, so I can get out of this house, but I can't help it. I think this is what I'm going to talk to the therapist about tomorrow, especially since Chester was a Christmas gift for Aunt Tudi, who was devastated when Winnie died of a heart attack in her arms. He was twelve when that happened and in poor health. When we adopted him from the girl who used to work at the vet's office, he was so overweight, he looked like a square foot stool We managed to get the weight off, but it was too late.

I don't know how old Toby is, but Smidgen now eight years old, and Seedling is just over a year old. I think Toby is pretty young 'cos he still has a lot of puppy characteristics, wanting to play, and causing all manner of chaos. Chester has finally had enough of him and goes Mediaeval on his arse now. I don't try to stop him unless it gets too out of hand. Toby needs to learn to stop bullying the other animals. I think he's realising that you don't bully a terrier...ever. Chester may be as cute as an Ewok, but he's related to freakin' pit bulls. In a really bad fight, Chester would flatten Toby.
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You are going to have these animals for a long time (assuming we don't all buy it in December). I bet you can take them with you wherever you go.
Cats are easy to relocate, but dogs are a different matter. I'm thinking of going to California where the Mother Unit is, and I'll have to stay with her until I can find a house or apartment. A cat will be fine, but there's no room for all of them. Thus the dilemma.
Holy shit! This just made me add up the years left on my young cats. I will be like 60 when they start to fade... Whoa!
You know if you have cats past the age of fifty, you are officially a crazy cat lady. ;)
Thanks, Tin!
(Actually, it's Paul who is the crazy cat man. I'm more a crazy tree lady. Though our gorgeous 4-ish-year-old boy Cottonsocks has just come up to snuggle with me.)