Back with a Vengeance

For the past few days, Cadmus has really been imposing his presence on me. So much so, in fact, I've picked up the pencil again and have been attempting to draw him. This is what has come of it, in all its crappy art glory.

This is one of Cadmus when he was very young, still living in the underground temples with the Apostate. It's after he was initiated, but before he went out into the world to hunt. During this time, the Apostate demanded that he not alter any part of his appearance, because he wanted to capture the essence of Cadmus' Tarmian nature for a piece of art.

Another one from that "era." This doesn't look much like Cadmus, but I was trying to draw a figure looking to the right instead of left. I'm not good at that.

I'd place this picture in the Blood Crown era. He looks a little young here, but I guess he could always throw on a Glamour in order to alter his appearance in that respect. I'm actually quite proud of the eyes. I imagined it would be right before he pulls someone's soul into him, which he did by gazing directly into his prey's eyes, compelling them to lose themselves to him. It worked every single time.
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