The Absinthe Ritual

A month or so back, I got a bottle of Absinthe. When I first opened the bottle, I decided to photograph what the ritual looked like for anyone who had not seen the movie, From Hell, or those who have and had questions about what was going on. This may also be interesting to fans of the movie, Deceiver.

The first thing you do, is set up for the Absinthe ritual. You will need a glass, the Absinthe spoon, and Absinthe (obviously), sugar cubes, a glass of water, and some matches. A lighter really wouldn't work unless you want to end up in the burn center and on America's Dumbest Dummies

Position the spoon over the rim of the empty glass, and place one to three sugar cubes on it.

Pour the Absinthe over the sugar cubs.

Take a lighted match and touch the flame to the sugar cubes. Let the burning sugar drip into the Absinthe. Then, take the spoon with the remaining sugar and stir into the Absinthe until the sugar is dissolved, or mostly dissolved.

Add water to taste and stir again. This creates the louche. Some folks don't even add water, but I don't suggest it. Absinthe is a very strong liquor that may make you wish you were dead if you drank it straight.

One thing about Absinthe you may want to know: it is a spirit quite favoured by artists, musicians, and writers because of its potential mind-altering effects. It differs from regular liquor in that it contains Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), which is a hallucinogen. The thujone levels in modern Absinthe are a bit lower than they were in the days of Vincent van Gogh and Oscar Wilde, but the spirit does seem to give Good Dreams, sleeping and waking. Just be careful. You don't want to peel the skin off your legs with a paring knife, like the guy in Deceiver did.

EDIT: This is the Czech version of the ritual. There is also a French version, which I'll photograph at a later date, when I have more Absinthe.
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Dig the Icon BTW
I saw "From Hell" because I am a Ripologist (and Johnny is...well ...look at the guy!!)

But I like the weird dreamy Absinthe scene from Moulin Rouge.. thought I wasn't a huge fan of the film, if that makes sense.

Re: Dig the Icon BTW
I have not seen that movie. Should I? If so, I'll put it in my Netflix queue. It might be a while before I get it, though, as I'm still collecting Roth footage for the Tim Roth Tutorials.
Re: Dig the Icon BTW
Which, M. Rouge?!

Sigh. Some love it, some hate it. It has a few drug fueled groovy, trippy scenes, but the rest of the time it tries to me a romantic love story with a twist on modern music and...well... I just wasn't amused. Everybody I knew thought I would. I love romance, musicals, and groovy scenes that are dreamy and druggy, but somehow, this didn't do it for me. I know people that swear by it... But not I, Sam-I-am. Jerome Kerns, Robert Wise, Vincent Minnelli, or Bob Fosse can do my musicals, thank you much. LOL

But with everything, it's subjective hon. And has quite the little absinthe scene.

Re: Dig the Icon BTW
I never had the desire to see it 'cos I don't really do romance, so I probably still won't. hahaha
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I prefer the Czech to the French versions, but then again I'm a pyro.

I'm not the hugest fan of the taste, although I did find a brand made w/o anise, which IMHO is much better.

But absinthe intoxication is most amusing...
Re: see my lj icon
The Absinthe in the pics is an anise-free spirit. Licorice tastes like 10 year old butt.
Re: see my lj icon
HAHAHA! Love your icon by the way. Sorry I didn't answer before. I have dementia.
I have a bottle of absinthe that I got for free when I worked on a show in NYC, four years ago. It sits in my >sarcasm< beautiful >/sarcasm< wall unit.

Perhaps I should drink it, someday. I have all the accoutrements.

I'm a little skeert.
I must try this. I remember the scene from Bram Stoker's Dracula and it looked inticing - the Green Faerie. I'll look for that particular brand.
If you enjoy the taste of anise seed or licorice, you can get the regurlar Absinthe from anywhere, probably cheaper than this. If you think that anise tastes like culinary equivalent of the inner ring of Dante's Hell, this is the only brand I've found that does not have that. Just make certain the ingredients contain Wormword, because that's the key that makes Absinthe, Absinthe.