The Ambrosciata Loophole

Just a few seconds ago, I had a bit of a Vampiric epiphany.

To my knowledge, Cadmus has never engaged in full Ambrosciata (the act of Vampire lovemaking wherein the Vampires involved exchange their Blood). He's always promised it, but never follows through, taking Blood until the other Vampire lay spent...and dead.

But, despite being appalled by it, his attraction to Flint is quite real, so the Ambrosciata is complete this time. And therein lies the loophole of Flint's indefinite hold on life. He drinks Cadmus' Blood. He is the only Vampire on Earth to have ingested not only the Plenipotentiary's essence, but also the last remaining Tarmian blood on Earth. Since he was already degaussed, for lack of a better term, from Cadmus' full sight, this added strength only makes him more elusive.


When he escapes from Cadmus' altar room, he can remain hidden from the Abomination indefinitely.

Oh hell no.
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It does appear, my dear, that you have painted yourself into a corner. Is this a quandry or a conundrum? I get the two mixed up all the time.
It's probably both, and many other words, all of which can be placed in the Mr. Spock's Colourful Metaphors category.
That remains to be seen...but it'll leave enough wriggle room to let Flint live, when he should not be allowed to.
a)I must confess, I've been rooting for Flint.
*big grins!*

b)There are no absolutes, entropy sees to that, IMHO, and Flint, is an exception to the rule.