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The Veils - More Heat than Light

Here is Finn's version of the song he wrote with his dad (see previous post about Shriekback). They recorded the song with their respective bands in the same general time frame. What do you think? Which do you prefer? (Note: the last image was provided by Finn's mum, Vivienne Kent.)


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Love comparisons like this. They are both terrific in their own right, of course but if I had to choose - I'm going with Finn's version. He has one of those voices I call "dry" with a slight catch that gives it vulnerability - Barry's voice is more commanding. I prefer Finn's take and since I'm a fan of guitars, that solid wall of jangling strings building and building just gets to me. The drums are more primal on Finn's version as well. Shreik still has "it" but the Veils bring an energy to their music that is very exciting.
He's just gotten better with time, his voice settling from the chaos of youth into a deeply melodious version of B's voice. I'll have to share more Veils-music with you when you come for a visit. :)
Here's an example of how he's matured. If he doesn't end up own the music world, we really do need to deserve to restart somewhere else as something else.