Don't Juge Me

I don't care if you're god; if you try to juge me, I will cut a bitch.


(made me think of this picture, which made me cackle even more)
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Well I don't know about you, but I shit happines every day!

And maybe that first guy meant God would "juge-chop" him. Here's to hoping God will do just that!
You literally made me laugh out loud!
And B actually debated on whether the message writer meant happens or happiness. He was pleased with either one, since neither were spelled correctly. Oh, the American shame! hahahahahahahaha!
Did you get that first one off off "Ugliest Tattoos"? If not, you should check that out... it's full of giggles and WTF.
Nah, it was uploaded by someone on Facebook. Thankfully my ink is of stuff I will never regret (and it's safe to say never, even though you're never supposed to say never), and it definitely doesn't have lettering, which I would personally never do. Just not my bag. I did find a "bad ink" site just an hour or so ago that almost made me lose my mind from laughter.
I think that's the key ~ a true desire for the ink and lots of consideration before and care afterward. What tats do you have? Do you plan on getting more? I have two of the five I've always wanted. Will get there slowly, but surely, if the Alpaca Lips fails me and doesn't show up in December.
I have ca. 35(!) of them, depending on how you count...

I'm planning on getting more, but I'm also running out of room. ;-)

Next one is going to be a dragon or dragons of some sort- I was born in Dragon year, and counting that one this makes my 5th, so I will have been through all five elements by the end of this year of the Dragon (which is Water, kinda my element, so it all wraps up neatly)...
Oh, and I've spent the last 10 minutes or so slowly going blind from what I'm looking at, so fanx! ;)