Here at Village

Well, I actually walked to the bathroom last night, with no dizziness or an inclination to fall over. The doctor said I could go home in a day or two and, honestly, I hope I get to stay for as long as possible. I have company here, and I'm able to really rest in an actual bed. Being here has been as much a lift on my spirits as it has been a health boost. I know most people don't like hospital, but I actually do. It may have a lot to do with Village, though. This is a wonderful hospital and fantastic people. It was the hospital I demanded for Aunt Tudi, when no other hospital could be sussed to really take care of her. Her last days were spent with people truly concerned for her well-being. Even after a year, they remember her.

That is monumental.

I have IV needles all over me, so my time on the computer is limited 'cos they hurt so damned bad. So I'll close for telling everyone thank you for thinking of me and for being my friend. Also, popfiend, I dreamt of you last night. You were happy and looking forward to something. I hope this means we're both getting better.

Love to everyone.

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Glad you are feeling better, Tinnypoo. I call you that because I sense your weakness and as you seem to be suffering a lack of Apprentices, I may send one of mine to, you know, strike you down. Or maybe just throw lawn darts at you. (They are pretty lazy, worthless creatures.)
I'm glad you're on the up :D BE kind to yourself and continue getting better.
Feeling better is far better! (((hugs))) Enjoy your time there, rest and recuperate, and make plans.
So very glad that you feel like you're turning the corner on this thing. Soak up all the attention and care you can so you can go home with more vigor and confidence. More good vibes => you.