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Health Concerns

This week has not been the absolute tops, health-speaking. Besides the aggressive insomnia, the seizures and threat thereof, and another round of depression, I bit the bullet and finally took Janice up on her offer to stay with her and Uncle Michael whilst I recovered from the sinus infection and UTI.

Saturday morning came and I went home early to start cleaning house and spend some quality time with the beasties. The first thing I did was bend over to pick up some trash I'd knocked out earlier, and I lost my balance and fell on my head. This continued to happen until I truly fell out and couldn't get off the floor. But I started feeling really nauseous, so I grabbed one of the styrofoam cups I had just thrown in the bin. I proceeded to get rid of about a cup of pure blood. I went again, getting rid of about half that the second go around.

I called Janice and asked if I could come back to the house. She said yes. I got as far as the front porch and collapsed again. She had to help me to the truck. From there, I rushed into the house before I fell down, and collapsed on her couch. I slept for about four hours. When I woke up, I had a half cup of potato soup and tried to go to the bathroom. A few moments later, I open my eyes and see nothing but floor. Janice was calling 911.

The paramedics go there and assessed my situation, deciding quickly that I needed to go to the hospital. By the time I got to the E/R, my blood pressure was 62/35. The nurses kept saying "no wonder you kept falling out!"

At least it was not a seizure this time. They have me on transfusions and meds to coat the stomach. They also have me on anti-anxiety meds since I'm just a few feet down the hall from where Aunt Tudi passed away. That said, I'm sleeping alot, which is not something to which I was ever object.

I don't have the faculties to write properly right now; maybe later tonight or tomorrow. I will definitely get back into it as soon as I can. That and my beloved Tim Roth Tutorials. I wonder how hard TR would laugh if he knew his acting and breathaking looks were two huge factors in my surviving 2012 with a shred of sanity so far? He'd probably laugh, call me a nutter, and block me from his Twitter. haha

Okay, I'm outties for now. Gotta catch up on the evil facebook, then try to find something not stupid/unstupid/marginally less knuckle-dragging on telly.

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Girlie...I feel for ya, and I wish you could find your ground...and I know you wish so too.


Get thyself bettah.
Wow. You must feel like a rag that's been wrung out completely. Good thing you weren't alone and Janice was able to call 911. It sounds like you need about a week's worth of sleep along with some nourishment that will stay down. I'm sure they'll take good care of you there. Don't be in a hurry to go home if you can possibly manage it.

Take Care. Good vibes => you.
I just read this today. Had been wondering what happened, and never thought to look on LJ. Glad you are having good experience at the hospital. Rest. Love ya'