Tim Roth

More Rothian Wonderment

I swear, this chick on Tumblr is trying to kill me. The photies I've collected today are among some of the best I have ever seen! And here I thought I'd seen every Roth photo and screencap on planet Earth.

A more recent piccie, from the Lie to Me era.

He can exude such an innocence for someone who is such a convincing villain on screen.

Someone on Facebook compared him to Fonzie in this pic. I can totally see that because, as he says in Reservoir Dogs, he is "super cool." Hellz to the yes.

Woeful Roth. I just want to cradle his wee head and tell him everything is gonna be okay.


Sweet Mother, how I adore this man. It may be unhealthy, how much I dig on Tim Roth.
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