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The Neurologist Visit

Well, it's official, as it is South Carolina's legal policy: No driving for six months. Period. Also, Dr. Pilch doesn't want me in the bathtub if I can help it at all. Washing off is permissible, but getting in the tub is not a good idea at all. He upped my Lamictal and took blood, and told me to come back in a month. I have an appointment for the day after my birthday ~ go me! He is frustrated as to why I'm having seizures. He said, "I want to find out the reason you're having these!" And I told him that I had the one on Wednesday because that would give me a chance to come in and look at him. I make no secret that I think he is total eye candy, and I sort of love watching him turn blood red when I say things like that. Heheheh! But, there you go...gotta depend on the kindness of others to get only where I desperately need to go. Dammitalltohell!
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Ooh...I'm sorry to hear that...I know that you are less than impressed with having to depend on others. Hopefully the good Dr. will find the culprit and beat it to a figurative bloody pulp and make it run far away.

Hope so! The only good that's come out of this is I get to see Dr. Pilch more often. And he is such a pretty pretty man.
I can think of easier ways to view handsome men. No need to go to such lengths. Seriously though, here's hoping he can unravel the mystery of your seisures and come up with a potion that keeps them at bay, forever. You can appreciate the good doctor from a photo in future and not have to suffer so much to get a glimpse. Good vibes to you.
Well, it's official, as it is South Carolina's legal policy: No driving for six months.

Well there you go. :-( Err... or don't.

At least you have a car that people can drive you places in? Err... or soon?
Hopefully soon; however, Janice refuses to drive the Smartie on the interstate (hahahaha). I can just pay for gas and Diane and she will take me where I need to go, I guess. Wanna come over and give me a ride to Chick-Fil-A? hahaha