Flint and Cadmus

Well, this night has been most momentous. B was well-pleased with the first reaction to Shriekback's version of "God's Gardenias." He emailed a response to me about that, so I'm very happy that he's happy.


And this is most monumental...

Tim fucking Roth responded to one of my Tweets! ::dies::

Here's the exchange:

TRHOOLIGAN1: true and of course W got two terms
TINHUVIEL: That is because people are INSANE. (not everyone in the South is a tackhead...)
TRHOOLIGAN1: I've met many who aren't.


So, apparently, he doesn't think I'm a complete nutter, based on nothing but the Tim Roth Tutorials. There were only supposed to be five of those anyway. I'm keeping it up because I've heard from so many Hooligans who really love them. Wonder why? Ha.

I've been imbibing Absinthe this evening, which is kind of ironic, given Flint's Vampire name (Absinthe), so I would draw on some strange inspiration from the Green Faery. Well, it's worked, and hearing from B and Tim Roth only compounded the mental state I am in. I am writing like a bloody fiend.

Who knows? I may actually overcome my prudishness about their encounter, and go ahead and write out the NC-17 activities. I am so going to Hell.

**EDIT** yeah yeah, I ordered B to go to bed, as it was 3:30 over there. WTF? Man really is a Vampire, I just know it. He responded with "absolutely." About 15 minutes later, he logged off and went to bed. Bossy Tin is BOSSY! heh.
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Glad Tim tweeted you back! it makes you float, don't it?! _smile_